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Hello, I finally downloaded League of Legends since I see so many people playing it. I downloaded the client from Riot Games' site, but during installation I got a notice from Webroot saying the "pando networks/media booster" is malicious. I didn't get an alert from Malwarebytes and I have the latest paid version of that software. From what I researched some people are saying it's harmful, and others are saying it's fine, and that it does nothing. 


Please can someone help me as soon as possible?!


Thank you in advance.


P.S. I also installed the game on my iMac late 2013 model. I ran a scan with Avast free version, but it didn't find anything. Should i still worry?



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Hello Portal_Pass91

A quote from Wikipedia - From Here

This is the top section, but you can also scroll down to "Conflicts", where the opinion is not very good.

Pando is an application which is mainly aimed at sending (and receiving) files which would normally be too large to send via more "conventional" means. It uses both peer-to-peer (BitTorrent protocol) and client-server architectures and was released for Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.

Pando shut down its servers and ceased business on August 31, 2013. As of February 24, 2014 the Pando Media Booster has been hijacked and unsuspecting persons who install a prompted update have their internet browsers hijacked and a virus called the "Sweet Page" browser virus is installed on their machine.

Note that all Antivirus and Antimalware programs will use their own definitions for tracking if a program is good or bad. Rescan and follow the program that you prefer to trust .....

Personally: I would remove the Add-on and Re-scan with your single Antivirus.

Thank You -

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