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Usb failure

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So basically i had used this usb as a "live usb" to be able to install Ubuntu and other Linux based os to my net book, (it has no CD drive). After installing i deleted the files from the usb stick, (like usual) and proceeded to try and use it like normal again.

at this point windows gave me an error and decided to restart, and once it had rebooted i found that my usb drive was no long available. I've attempted for several hours now to fix this problem but it seems that it is a rather rear occurrence so there so there isn't much help that i can find.

i have however managed to get to the point where windows disk manager can at least see that there is something plugged in, as seen in the bottom right of the picture. However, windows gives me an odd description of the device and it current partition style as master boot record. the usbs size is also incorrect all showing as 0, while the chip genius program I've found shows it as 32GB, which is correct.


the usb stick is an intenso rainbow line.


any help would be appreciated :)


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yep ... as the thread DD1 referenced and by your description of events a full format is needed (lengthy ... you can read "gone with the wind") .

i had a similar issue when i made a couple of bootable usb sticks .

simply deleting the files will not work ... the drive has to be formatted from the ground up .

i tried this in windows and was not a happy camper .

i used the gnome disk manager utility and another formatting utility (i forget the name at the moment) in linux mint 13 and my drives were good as new .

as for which format to utilize , most people can get along ok with fat32 , and this is as close to *universal* as one can get .

elsewise , that "other" other format (NFTS) can be used .

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