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MBAM services fails at login

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This is a re-post. I didn't realize we needed to start a new threat for each case. Sorry to the admins of this forum and I will make sure to do this from now on.


 It started maybe the beginning of this week. The services kept crashing on my computer. I had to do a complete clean uninstall of MBAM. I tried reinstalling and received the same problem. Right now I have it completely removed using the clean uninstaller. I came on the community site to see if anyone else was having the same problem.


  • I'm on windows 8.1 with all updates installed and what Ive noticed is windows login hangs after you enter your password for a few minutes then loads finally. Ive checked my events viewer and all the errors seem related to the process of mbam.



  • I'm using Kaspersky internet security and that during the reinstall process of MBAM, I noticed that a lot of errors popped-up. If it's not a common problem I will post my logs as well if the owner of this threat wants me to. Ill let you guys help him first. Thanks guys :)


  • I'm on a surface pro 2 and have changed the location of my documents,pictures,videos folders to a memory card (micro SD) to save space if that makes a difference



anyone else with similar problems? If you guys want me to post logs of the problem (keep in mind right now MBAM has undergone a clean uninstall) please let me know how to do that and the proper formatting to post it on this site with. Im a bit of a newb I'm afraid - just started learning Java a few weeks back



Thank you for your help!!





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Hello and :welcome:, newman87:


Sorry to hear you are having issues.

FWIW, I am running KIS2014 and MBAM 2 on 3 rigs with no issues.


Let's try this, please:

Thank You,



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Hold up... it did it again :(  I will post the logs soon.


just wanted to add that another symptom i see is that during shutdown  - the shutdown fails and says power driver error (or something to that extent). Also explorer crashes each time I try and click on file explorer or control panels etc.


Im pretty sure it is mbam as I just did a clean uninstall and the problem went away.


I will post logs in about an hour

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Guys, I would really appreciate your help. I no longer think it's MBAM because it happened again, even with it uninstalled. It seems to happen often but I cant put a trigger on the event as to why it is happening. Explorer crashes when I try to open file explorer or try to open control panels.


What do you think is causing it, and how can I fix it without resetting/refreshing my computer. This problem seems to come back whenever I try that, and I cant go through all that work again of reinstalling everything.


Here are my logs, Im not sure how to read them though.


Thank you!




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We'll need to wait for the staff/experts to review your logs.


Question: Are you running WIMBoot, by any chance?

I ask because I noticed a couple of entries in your log:

2014-05-17 11:19 - 2014-02-01 02:00 - 00002255 _____ () C:\WINDOWS\SysWOW64\WimBootCompress.ini2014-05-17 11:19 - 2014-02-01 02:00 - 00002255 _____ () C:\WINDOWS\system32\WimBootCompress.ini

MBAM is not compatible with that program: https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=149075

Since many other security applications are likewise incompatible with it, I wonder if it's clashing with KIS, as well?

(KL products tend to be quite finicky about other security applications, even though I don't see it specifically listed with the programs incompatible with KIS2014.)

Perhaps that might explain why you're still having problems, with MBAM uninstalled, but KIS still installed?


<just a thought from a home user --- please wait for expert analysis of your logs and further recommendations>


Thanks for your patience,





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I wasn't necessarily saying that KIS is the problem -- unless there is something in your logs to suggest to the experts that that's the case, or unless you are having issues with it (it purrs in the background on all of my systems).


I'm on Win7 on all of my rigs, but have been running MBAM PRO/PREMIUM with KIS for years without issues.

That's no help to you, of course.

But there's no inherent problem between MBAM and KIS that I know of, as just another home user.


Well, anyway, it was just an idea.


Someone's bound to see something on those logs to point to a potential cause and solution.





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I just wanted to update you guys. I was able to do a system restore to an earlier point in time from today. Things are better now. I still don't have mbam installed, but I can try to get it installed tomorrow after I create a backup image of my pc. I use driveimg(free) which is free and I'm glad I did that just in case I didn't have a system restore point.

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Guys, Im still having lots of problems, even after the restore... Im attaching new logs. If anyone can give me some assistance it would be very much appreciated.


Basically it gets these bugs where everything is fine but then ill click file explorer or control panels and explorer freezes and then crashes. After this, if i shutdown it fails and does a restart (takes about 5 mins trying to shutdown before it fails).


Ive already done resets before in the past and the problem keeps coming back so id like to get to the bottom of it. I really appreciate all your help. Note, I really dont think this is an infection or anything like that since mbam has not detected anything in the past




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Hi, again:



EDIT: OOPS! Our posts crossed in cyberspace.  Please wait for someone to review your scan logs.


Also see below.


Also: if you are experiencing issues with MBAM UNinstalled, then that would point to something else as the cause of your problems.

You might want to temporarily UNinstall MBAM and leave it off; cleanly & temporarily UNinstall KIS (because it might have been broken by the system restore); temporarily activate the pre-installed  Windows Defender; and then monitor the system?

That would remove both KIS and MBAM from the equation while you troubleshoot?




In addition to 1PW's expert advice, rolling your computer back with Windows System Restore will often break security programs, such as KIS and MBAM.


I understand that MBAM is not now installed and that you plan to cleanly reinstall it. :)


Alas, I suspect you will probably need to do the same thing with KIS after using System Restore.

I am not familiar with the various "restore" and "reset" options in Win 8.1, but for Win7 and below, it's pretty much a necessity in order to ensure proper KIS performance.

There are instructions at the link at the KL forum & KB, if you need them:





Let us know how it goes.



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Sorry for the delay, it seems you have other services failing too on this system that will need to get resolved. Lets have one of the experts assist you to make sure its not due to an infection.

To make sure your not infected, feel free to follow the instructions below to receive free, one-on-one expert assistance in checking your system and clearing out any infections and correcting any damage done by the malware.

Please see the following pinned topic which has information on how to get help with this: Available Assistance for Possibly Infected Computers

Thank you

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