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Do I have to uninstall the 'Free' version first b4 installing the Pro

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Up front: I am a newbie.



I have installed Malwarebytes Free today.


Wonder, if I were to switch to the 'Premium' (PRO?) version, do I then need to first uninstall the 'free' version, or what?


Vainly tried to find an answer on that question.




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No, just use your license ID/key to activate it (button at the top of the GUI main window/dashboard). :)




Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is available for any Windows user to download and install at no cost to them. They can also purchase an annual subscription, which entitles them to take advantage of real-time protection, scan/update scheduling, access policies, and the ability to utilize all of these features on up to three computers under the same license.

If no license has been installed into the product, the black Menu Bar at the top of the screen will show two links titled Activate and Buy Premium. When clicked, Buy Premium takes the user to a screen which shows the advantages of purchasing a license, and provides the option of launching a browser window which will take them to the Malwarebytes web site to purchase a license.

If the user has already purchased a license, and wishes to activate the product, clicking the Activate link shows the following screen...







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Ah, right!  :blush:

Many thanks indeed.


Just used the free version on ad-hoc basis only so assumed a separate installer was required.


Noticed you are running MBAM Premium and KIS and even SuperAntiSpyware.


Take it MBAM is running permanently alongside with KIS (and maybe even also SAS).

'they' say MBAM and AV-products run well together.


Then again .. I am wondering..


What happens if these products detect malicious software on your pc?

Assume MBAM wants to get rid of it, but then again KIS will do the same thing and possibly SAS also likes to interfere,

i.e. you have 3 products wanting to do the same thing.

Does that no result in some kind of conflict, where e.g. KIS removes it and MBAM is urging to take action, bla bla.


I know this has nothing to do with activation, but this is one of the things that makes me hesitate to purchase.








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Yes, the installer for Free and PREMIUM is the same -- the user activates the PREMIUM features with the license ID/key.

More info here.  The added protection to PREVENT infection (versus a manual scanner to clean up malware that has already infected the computer) is well worth it for me, just a home user.


Yes, MBAM Premium is designed and tested specifically to run alongside all the major, popular AVs to provide complementary, layered protection against zero-hour and zero-day threats often missed by the AVs.

As far as which program would detect something first, AFAIK, generally the AV would get first crack at a malicious file.

I'll need to defer to the staff on the technical details of how it all works.


Yes, I run SAS, but only the free version and only to clean the occasional, non-malware tracking cookie that MBAM and KIS do not detect (IMHO MBAM is a far better anti-malware product).


Yes, depending on the system's hardware and other software and configuration, there is such a thing as "too much" or "too many".

More is sometimes less, because it can cause clashes, slowdowns, conflicts and crashes and even increased vulnerability.

An example of "too many" would be having 2 anti-virus (AV) products installed, even if only one is running.

However, one robust, updated AV (free or paid) in real-time, plus MBAM PREMIUM in real-time should be fine, with occasional use of other installed or online manual scanners for a "second opinion".





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Thanks again.


Shortly after you post I registered (also after doing some additional 'checking' on 'Malwarebytes vs SuperAntiSpyware' and reading forum-posts)






It is running alongside with NIS 2014.

all default settings, except for automatic delete - I want to see what is happening.


Assume this combo should keep things pretty much safe  :)


(I also have a license on KIS 2014 (not installed) and have made a print of your 'instructions' on:


It may be handy one day)


Anyway,thanks again.


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Looks good.
(Note: there are still a few bugs -- mostly cosmetic ones -- in the current build, e.g. the "Next Scheduled Scan Time" tends to display the wrong DATE.  The scan task itself will run as scheduled, as can be confirmed in the History > Application Logs.  And you will probably see multiple instances of your excluded folders in the Malware Exclusions window.  These are all just cosmetic and are on the list to be fixed.)
Yes, default settings are fine for most users.
You might want to add the NIS folders to the Malware Exclusions (instructions are in the links to the User Guide, below; and here's a screen shot of my KIS exclusions).
Similarly, you might want to add MBAM Exclusions to NIS -- the files that need to be excluded can be found HERE.
As far as that link to KIS exclusions, it's pretty old and outdated.
If you do decide to switch from NIS to KIS, just be sure to fully uninstall NIS first (including running any available removal tool) and rebooting before installing KIS.
There are some helpful links at the KL forum for this here and here.
Feel free to post back if you need help with KIS/MBAM exclusions.

For additional information:
There is an FAQ Section here: Common Questions, Issues, and their Solutions
And here are links to the MBAM 2.0 User Guide: Online and PDF






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One other thing:


I assume you are located somewhere OTHER THAN the U.S.?


Reason for asking: your date is listed in the MBAM dashboard in the non-U.S. format (Day-Month-Year), rather than the U.S. format (mine shows Month-Day-Year).


So, I assume your computer's date and time are set the same way?


Otherwise, the scheduled tasks (updating and scanning) might not run correctly.

If you run into a problem, just post back and someone will help you sort it out.




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Thanks again!

Downloaded the Help-PDF.


As for the exclusions I added the entire MBAM folder to be excluded.

On my F-drive (C-drive is relatively small and holds Windows 7 x64 only)














Oh, yes indeed, location is Holland, i.e. European date format.


Truly appreciate yr help on getting up and running :-)


Maybe one day Malwarebytes' setup will include above exclusion 'automatically',   as well as a pop-up suggestion to perform similar

exclusions in the AV-software.


p.s.: I don't know if it is technically possible but to have images displayed as thumbnails (or upload from pc and thén shown as thumbnails)

I can't help they are displayed this 'king-size' :)


Anyway ...


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The only thing that jumps out to my home-user eyes is that I *think* MBAM is designed to be installed and run from the boot drive (usually C:).

(Disclaimer: I haven't used NIS in ~100 years, so I have no personal familiarity with its configuration or settings.)


I'm not sure about performance issues if MBAM is installed to a non-default location -- we will need to wait for input from the staff and experts.

I guess that, if everything is working OK, you might be all set, but I'm not sure.


Glad I could help,




P.S. Yes, thumbnails would be nice.  I have the same problem on my 24" display, even when I remember to resize images before posting. ;)

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Okay, let's see. I rebooted and checked the eventlogs. There were no exclamation marks or other weird things.

Noticed MBAM launched below file:  C:\Windows\system32\drivers\MBAMSwissArmy.sys.

There two other drivers in the same folder, mbam.sys and mbamchameleon.sys.


Should it be necessary, I'll re-install MBAM.


That said, when installing, the location users are allowed to select another folder.

(There is no such thing as 'it is (strongly) recommended... ' bla bla at the point installation in the help-file.

"Select an Installation Directory: In most cases, you can simply click Next to accept the default location. Please note that the amount of free disk space

required for the program is listed at the bottom of this screen. You should assure that you have sufficient disk space for the program as well as for program logs."


Some other programs donot allow that, they are basically always stored on C.

I think Office 2013 works that way (older version of Office cud be installed on a different drive).


Well, let's see.

No problem to re-install in case of need.



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Thanks to @Firefox for the added information confirming my suggestion that MBAM be installed to the same drive as the OS (boot drive). ;)

Noticed MBAM launched below file:  C:\Windows\system32\drivers\MBAMSwissArmy.sys.
There two other drivers in the same folder, mbam.sys and mbamchameleon.sys.

Those look like the chameleon driver(s) for MBAM Self-Protection (SP).
Do you have that enabled?
If so, and if you do plan to reinstall the program, please be sure to DISABLE SP first, before running the removal tool.





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By the way, it strikes me that things aren't running really smoothly now and I have noticed numerous instances of MBAM in the task manager->performance list.


Launching Firefox is slow, launching applications as well.


I wonder, what about adding ALL (reliable) applications folders under settings->malware exclusions, ie all apps that I use every day.



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Just to add...

Although Malwarebytes may be working if it is installed on a different drive, its best (to avoid issues) to have it installed on the same drive as the OS.

This is more likely to be the explanation for your problem, I would think -- you have MBAM installed to F:, is that right?
Unless that is your OS boot drive, that could be the issue.
You might want to cleanly reinstall it to the default directory on the C: drive or wherever your OS is installed -- be sure to disable Self-Protection before starting the process: MBAM Clean Removal Process 2x

Be sure set mutual exclusions between MBAM and your AV/firewall when you are done.

I wonder, what about adding ALL (reliable) applications folders under settings->malware exclusions, ie all apps that I use every day.


Seriously bad idea!

That would seriously degrade your security.


If a clean reinstall to the OS boot drive, and mutual exclusions between MBAM and your AV don't resolve your issues, then please post back with a set of Diagnostic Logs





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