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Same license on fresh Windows? / Disable notification?

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Sent an email to support last Friday, haven't heard back yet so will try here.


Bought 3 copies of MBAM Pro, then used one of the keys on my Mom's computer. The other two keys are still unused. I still have all 3 keys in front of me, but I lost the document that I made for myself telling me which key is used, and which two are unused.


1) Can customer support tell me which of the 3 keys is used?


2) I reintalled her Windows. After finding out which of the 3 keys is used, can I use that same license key on her computer again?


3) Sorry, but having trouble finding how to disable MBAM's notifications of 'Malicious Website Blocked.' Anyway to leave the process running, but disable the balloon pop-ups?




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If this was MBAM 1.x PRO, purchased online from the MBAM store, you can contact the e-commerce partner, cleverbridge.
They can look up your license info.
Their contact info is here: How Do I Obtain My License Key?
 If you bought on CDs, the license info will be in the box (CD sleeve or a card).
Have a look here, as well:  MBAM Clean Removal Process 2.x
It includes how to look in the Windows registry for the license ID/key info, as long as the computer ran or is running a licensed, paid version of 1.x PRO.
If you have reinstalled the Windows OS or have never run MBAM PRO 1.x on that system, then you will not be able to use this method.
Worst case scenario (a bit of work) would be to cleanly reinstall on all rigs currently running MBAM PRO/Premium, as explained in that "Clean Removal" link above.
It will remove the license info from the computer and you can start again with reinstalling -- make sure to make note of which license is used on each computer.
And you can always activate a temporary, 14-day trial of MBAM Premium on any computer, while you sort out the license issues.
The important thing about the legacy, consumer 1-PC licenses is to be sure each is in use on only one computer at a time.
>>> As for popup notifications -- it's pretty much "all or none" with the current build, unfortunately.  More info in the User Guide: Online and PDF
More granular control, similar to version 1.x, is planned for a future release.  Having said that, if you are getting a LOT of IP block notifications -- especially with no browsers open -- it could be a sign of infection.


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Thanks for the reply!


1) So, just to confirm: I can use *any* of the 3 keys I bought? Since, even though one was used, we reinstalled Windows on that computer, so that key is available again?


2) Also, yes, we bought 3 copies of MBAM 1.x Pro (whichever vhiiersion it was on Feb. 23, 2014). Are those keys still valid for MBAM 2.0 premium? If so, which install file should I download? The trial of Premium, then add one of the old keys I bought?


Thanks :)


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1) Yes -- If you reinstalled Windows, that license is available. You should be fine. :)


2) Yes -- 1.x lifetime, PRO consumer licenses are automatically honored for version 2.x  More info here: What does Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 2.0 mean for me? :)

Yes, you can either run the "Trial" or skip it during the install wizard and go straight to Activation.


;) From the "been there, done that" school: it might help to record and safely store a hard copy list of which licenses belong to which computer.  FYI The licenses are transferable from 1 computer to another (or can be used to reinstall on the same rig), but they cannot be transferred to a different user.  I have 8 licenses (only 4 are in use), so I keep a document that details which one belongs where.... It can help to prevent the sort of issue you are experiencing. ;)


Let us know if you run into any problems,



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"... I still have all 3 keys in front of me, but I lost the document that I made for myself telling me which key is used, and which two are unused."


One of these days, my life will be in order :)


Thanks again Dr. Dale!

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