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not evryone like version 2


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They don't seem to have a good experience with being heard on this forum previously so cant be bothered :unsure:


The main issue is that systems with lower screen resolution cant re-size the advanced scan setting screen making it impossible to change options and schedule scans, this is quite a poor over site that requires fixing asap.

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I'm just another home user, too. ;)

But I seriously doubt MBAM has sufficient staff to monitor the countless third-party web forums and websites, in addition to here and the social network sites.

(That would be no different from any other software company.)

So, the best way to be heard would be here or at the MBAM help desk.

<just saying>


FWIW Many of us share the hope and have requested that some of these bugs will be fixed soon.

Many of them are known and are on the list: https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=148376#entry830976

The new GUI was a major overhaul and I expect the team is working to fix as many issues as quickly as possible.





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  • Root Admin

Well part of the issue over on avast is they don't like links to other sites they don't allow images depending on how they're used or linked.  Bottom line is as a 3rd party product vendor we can easily overstep the line and get our post deleted as well. If someone has a contact of an employee over there that I can talk with and get approval I'm more than willing to post over there but again some sites get upset when I post trying to help out. We sort of do the same thing to someone that comes here posting about 3rd party software but typically not if they're from a recognized software company and not one of these fly by night outfits.

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Ron you are quite welcome to join in the topics over at the avast forums, Malwarebytes is frequently recommended on the avast forum and is one of the first tools we advise users to run when problems arise, I honestly cant see you having an issue with posting there.


Malwarebytes is a complimentary program to run with or alongside avast and is not in direct competition.

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Don't know if you've actually checked recently or not, but MSSE, which I was a big fan and proponent of, it pretty much the bottom of the pack now in terms of security.  Not only does just about every AV test rank it dead last, M$ officials themselves have admitted that it is not a go to product anymore as it used to be.

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not to troll and to "counter" or "rebut" (as it were) the above comments made by cmrplus .


personally speaking and not to promote any particular AV or AM :

as was mentioned , MSSE pretty much had the pin pulled on it quite some time back and has indeed been farmed out to a third party ... it is now (yet another) one of MS's red-headed step-children .

i will not , in good faith , recommend to any of my friends , relatives , customers or acquaintances .


as a long time user of AVG , i found it to do the job as per the limitations of the type (both free and paid) .

about 1.5 years ago (maybe more) i quit using and recommending AVG (paid and free) due to what i affectionately term "bloat and hawkware" .

i went with ESET on my main personal machines and have been quite satisfied with the performance and results .


in addition , i started using AVAST on many machines being repaired (including those heavily infected from/by the use of/while using MSSE) and , depending on the individual's financial situation , recommended staying with the free version or going with the paid version .

i do use AVAST on two of my windows 7 laptops .

to be honest , both versions of AVAST do have slide-up blurbs from time to time but are not a royal PITA as compared to some other programs .


also , i install MBAM on my machines and those i repair and/or maintain (both the paid and free versions , depending on the financial situation at hand) .

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