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I Need Help To Enable Hibernate Or Hybrid Sleep In Desktop

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I am hoping someone here can procure a tutorial for me that will show me how to enable Hibernate or Hybrid Sleep on my Desktop . I have been to Microsoft Community and HP help forums with no real solution.


I have already tried a command prompt to enable Hibernate and all that did was put Hibernate as one of my options on the Shut Down menu without giving me the mode. 


Right now when I want to leave my machine for an extended period of time I have to Shut Down. When I shut down I lose the windows I would really like to have ready for me when I come back. Sleep is useless for me because the machine just wakes itself right up after a minute or two.


I am attaching all the basic stats of my machine including it's product number.




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Hello 1PW,


I made a restore point. I already did a command prompt to enable Hibernate and it didn't enable. Were the other options just other ways of doing the same thing?




Btw, I did all of the options in the Seven Forums link above and I still only have sleep. I click on Hibernate on the shut down menu and the machine turns off for about 15 seconds and than wakes itself up again.

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That's alright 1PW. You did the best you could and for that I thank you.   :D    Methinks I should give a try at Seven Forums and see what they can think of. I will report back here on what happens.

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You are running Windows 7 on this machine, correct?


I can walk you through the various setup to have a machine that will hibernate after a period of time without use, (when the computer has been idle after a certain amount of time), but there may be some mitigating factors that are actually preventing this, as indicated by the fact that you said that the computer wakes itself up from sleep.


TBH, I think figuring out why your computer will not stay asleep will be the better solution, as hibernate is a much lower power state (that can also be added to your power profile, so that initially it sleeps, and if you don't come back after a longer period of time it moves from sleep to hibernate) which will allow you to have the best of both worlds.


This will require some advanced steps (not any registry editing just checking on settings for different devices you have connected / installed in the machine), and it would probably be a lot easier to do it remotely than to walk you through it, but you do like to learn, so I'll let you pick the option.


You have a PM, please reply there, and then we'll move forward.

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