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Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Update to 2.0.2

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Hi, Ghost_Killer:


Unfortunately, your post doesn't provide the product team with any specific or bonafide data re: possible bugs or issues.

And this is more of a "News" topic.


If you are having specific issues with the current build, please start a new topic in the MBAM Support section >>HERE<<.

Someone will be happy to assist you with troubleshooting, including the collection of diagnostic logs that will assist the team with resolving any specific issues for your systems and with identifying any possible software bugs.


Thank you,

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One question: if I still use 1.75, will I be updated automatically to 2.02 (when I'll switch on automatic updates)?


Yes, the upgrade is being released to a portion of users at a time.

As long as you have 1.75 configured to check for PROGRAM updates (Settings tab > Updater Settings), you will get the version 2 upgrade eventually when it is available for your system.


If you want to download the installer now, without waiting for the iinternal auto-updater, you can get it here.

If you want to clean upgrade from 1.75 to 2.0, the steps are here: MBAM Clean Removal Process 2.x



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NOTE: Malwarebytes Anti-Malware was released today - 05/20/2014. The full changelog can be viewed here


You can download the installer from this page: Malwarebytes Anti-Malware or if you already have the program installed it should start to roll out to users over the next few days via the internal updater.

Has anyone received the update via the internal updater?  I have not on three different accounts.  9 days seems a bit longer than "next few days".

I know I can manually install it but I would like to know the internal updater is working properly.

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I also would like to see the updater do it or at least ask to do it


Restoration of separate user control over PROGRAM updates (similar to that in version 1.x) has been an RFF for version 2.0 for a while.

Only the staff can provide an official status update on that, though.



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huh?  doesn't the program ask for an update when there is a version update? it always did in the past

No, not necessarily.


There were/are separate controls for PROGRAM updates in version 1.75 (we are not permitted to post attachments here, in this particular section of the forum, so I cannot show you, but it's in Settings  > Updater Settings).

IOW, with 1.75, the user could schedule automatic DATABASE updates separately from PROGRAM updates - and automatic PROGRAM updates could be disabled altogether, so that the user had full control over when to update the PROGRAM.


In version 2.0, yes, PROGRAM and DEFINITIONS updates come down together at this time, with the current build.

There is no way at this time to separately control or postpone program updates.

The devs have said that they do plan to restore that functionality in the future, but I don't know when.


Currently, when the program update is available to your systems, it will be downloaded automatically.

So, since auto-updates have been throttled, you may not yet have received it for your systems.

If you wish to get the setup file manually for an in-place upgrade, you may download it here.

If you wish to perform a CLEAN upgrade, please follow the steps here: MBAM Clean Removal Process 2x.


If you have specific issues or problems, please create a new topic in the MBAM support section here.



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I don't really see the necessity to wait for the 2.0.2 update to be rolled out to users.


I used the link provided by DaleDoc to download the Installer, which I saved to a USB Thumb Drive.


I simply took the Thumb Drive around to each machine that had 2.0.1 installed and ran the Installer.  Version 2.0.2 installed without any serious issues on all the systems.


I highly recommend that all 2.0.1 users update asap to 2.0.2.  We have found that all the annoying issues that we had to contend with in 2.0.1 have been fixed so I am scoring :) :) :)  smiley faces to the MBAM developers. 




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I don't really see the necessity to wait for the 2.0.2 update to be rolled out to users.


I am just a home user and volunteer, so I cannot speak for the staff or the company.


However, all software vendors of which I am aware -- from MS to Mozilla to the various AV companies -- ALWAYS "throttle" software updates, over several hours, days or weeks.

There are many reasons for this, not the least of which is to balance load on the update servers, as well as to allow the devs to catch up with any new bugs, etc.

Heck, for a major version update (e.g. 2013 to 2014), Kaspersky Lab throttles their release over several WEEKS, if not months.


Having said that, yes, *does* fix many issues for many users.

That is why the mod team has asked that we forum helpers -- as a matter of routine -- recommend a clean upgrade to that version, especially for forum members reporting issues with the previous builds.


Beyond that, I must necessarily defer to the staff, of course. ;)




P.S. As this is the "News" thread, users with specific problems installing or configuring or updating or running MBAM 2 are respectfully requested to start a new topic in the support section >>HERE<< for individual help. :)

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funny as i typed this one of my clients called me and said when he turned on his machine, malwarebytes Pro asked for an upgrade

none of the free ones as of yet are asking

I want to see if they do, I have lots on the free one and a whole bunch on the paid one so i want to see if malwaerbytes eventually asks otherwise I will just download the free one or tell them to download it if the program does not ask for it, even though it should

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Hi, @robinb:


The Free ones do not have any automatic (in terms of scheduled tasks) updating capability - that is only a feature of PREMIUM.


The program update would come down with a manual update check in the Free version.

Users of the Free version need to (and should) perform a manual update check to get the latest definitions database before each manual scan.

If the program update is also available, the user will be notified.


Again, I cannot speak to whatever schedule there may or may not be for the release.

If you would like to manually update any of your systems now, you can follow the suggestions for either the in-place upgrade or the clean upgrade in my earlier reply.

As a "best practice", it's a good idea to reboot the system both BEFORE and AFTER the upgrade, even if the installer wizard does not prompt to do so.


Thank you,

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I understand "throttling" but even as popular as MBAM is it seems it should have been rolled out automatically to most users by now. 

edit:  The surest way to get something is to ask why you haven't yet.  Just got prompted to update.  But only on one of three.

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I am sorry to report that when I download and attempt to install mbam-setup-, I receive the message that this file is not a valid Win32 application.  If I try to update, ultimately I get a message that the source file is corrupt.


I disabled my AV software, then ran rkill and ran a malwarbyte scan.  No objects were detected.  At the moment I am running a Zone Alarm full AV scan and after an hour, no infections have been detected so far.


Please advise.

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Please try this:

Please let us know, in a new topic of your own >>here<<, if the above steps have helped you with your issue.

Thank You. :)

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why is the free version not asking for an upgrade?

the paid is finally asking but not the free


I cannot speak for the company or the team responsible for scheduling the upgrade roll-out.

IOW, I do not know which users of which version where will get the upgrade at any moment,


However, I suspect that what you are seeing is likely just a coincidence, as a consequence of the gradual roll-out.


If you want to download the installer now, without waiting for the iinternal auto-updater, you can get it here.

If you want to clean upgrade to the current build, the steps are here: MBAM Clean Removal Process 2.x


Thank you,

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I have downloaded and installed manually, but this is the first time I ever saw it not ask for an upgrade on the free or the paid version.

I have over 100 clients on Malwarebytes- free or paid and none of the free have seen it ask for an upgrade as of yet

The paid ones, some have, some have not as of yet

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Hi, robinb:


I don't know what else I can tell you -- I am just a home user and forum volunteer.

I'm sorry I don't have a better explanation. :(

Only the staff would be able to explain how that works.


Version 2 is a major reworking of the entire program, both UI/UX and under the hood.

It doesn't surprise me that the release is being controlled.


Having said that, your Business license entitles you to free, one-on-one support from the dedicated Business support team. :)

If you would like to open a ticket with them, I am sure they will be happy to assist you with getting MBAM 2 up and running on all those seats.

They may be contacted here: Contact Business Support. :)


Thanks for your patience,

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I have the paid version of Malwarebytes.  I installed the update, it created a desktop icon, I don't want or use desktop icons so attempted to delete it but was unable to without administrative permission.  The thing is I am the admin and am logged in as the admin.  I am about to uninstall Malwaerbytes entirely If that is what it takes to get rid of the desktop icon.  What do you have to do other then uninstalling to fix this?

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