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HKCU & HKLM SOFTWARE by microsoft

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I went to my start up menu to disable programs that I don't need enabled upon start up. I noticed the HKCU & HKLM software by microsoft, googled the terms, and came with Malwarebytes forum page. I read a little of the forums and was like...so this is not a microsft software? but rather maleware? Could you please help me understand what I should do....if anything.

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"I noticed the HKCU & HKLM software by microsoft"


They are not software.  That implies they are standalone entities.


HKCU = HKey Current User

HKLM = HKey Local Machine


These are Registry Hives and are constructs of the Operating System (OS) sub-system called the Registry.  The OS and applications installed on the OS will use various Registry Hives to store configuration settings and user settings.


A Registry Hive is what is called a Binary Tree.  That means the structure resembles the physical branching of a tree in fractal geometry.


The Hive itself is the trunk of a tree.  Then the hives branches out to other branches, twigs and leaf nodes.  The Windows Registry is a software construct that resembles this structure in software and is a vital OS sub-system as vital as a Heart in any animal.

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Thank you so much for getting back to me on the HKCU & HKLM. I was a bit concerned. Now I am releived. I disabled the those two until I herd from back you. After I started up my windows again I noticed that 3 of my desktops widgets were not there. I'm assuming this to be the microsft software. Thank you for your help. It nice to know professional help is available


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