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Lifetime license revoking for all customers ?


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I just updated to the new looking MB and though it does look nice, I can't help but feel I am being ripped off / lied too.


When I bought this software, I paid for a lifetime license with the promise of always having the latest updates at hand. That a promise of never having to repay for the software and always being protected.


But now from what I read, MB is no longer honoring people who bought these licenses. Now I like MB and I don't mind having to pay for an add on or something, but I don't like being lied too. MB should honor all customers who bought into Lifetime Licenses and allow them to keep that service like any other company would as it respectful, not to mention false advertising to not allow it.


If you want to make any newcomers pay per year go for it, but allow your lifetime members to stay life time members. And I don't want to hear (well you get 3 computers now). Could case less about 3 computers, I bought a single lifetime license for a single computer and I be more then happy to keep it that way as that's what I paid for.



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I was provided the following authoritative post...   Introducing Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 2.0!



We will continue to honor existing lifetime licenses, meaning any users that already have a lifetime license for 1.x will continue to have a lifetime license for 2.0. We'll also be offering a few thousand more lifetime licenses at some point soon as a special offer, so keep an eye out! On top of all of that, new subscription licenses will be valid for 3 PCs, not just 1.



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Thank you David,


I am happy this is the case.


I was reading someone else's post and when I went to the FAQ on the page and clicked I have a lifetime license, am I covered ?, I was given the response for the next question without the heading. So I took that answer as the answer to my question which was saying I have to buy a subscription. I'll blame IE for not going to the right anchor for the question I clicked :P.


But I am happy to see that my lifetime license will stay that way.


You been very helpful :)

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