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MBAM Popups

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The window says:

The latest version of Malwarebytes has been downloaded. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware will now close and install the latest version.

It comes up EVERY time, on everyone's desktop!

I want it gone!

F.Y.I. This is the paid/premium version.

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Hello and welcome, Buffet:


This is a pretty old thread pertaining to an older, outdated version of the program.


What version are you running?


If it is 1.75 or anything older than that, and your MBAM settings are configured to automatically download and install PROGRAM updates (which are separate from database updates), then, yes, you WILL be prompted to install the new version,, which was released about 7 or 8 weeks ago.


If you prefer to postpone the upgrade for now, you'll need to change some settings (as in the attached screenshot).


However, support for version 1.x will end eventually.

And Version 2.x contains powerful new enhancements.

So, it is suggested that you permit the upgrade to version 2.x.


Hope this helps,




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Thanks very much for your prompt and informative answer Deity.

In answer to your question, I have been a paid subscriber for a couple of years now. Always delighted with the program. When I innocently installed version 2 a while back - it wreaked havoc with my machine, requiring technical support from the company to undo the damage and reinstall 1.75!!!


By the way, is that an Airedale?

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Hi, Buffet:


So, is your issue resolved?

You mention that tech support "from the company" had you roll back to version 1.75?

Was MBAM Customer Support unable to get version 2.x up and running on your computer? (Just curious)





P.S. Yes, that's an Airedale Terrier. Thanks for asking.

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Yes sir, that's correct. They were very efficient and helpful. They expediently removed all traces of 2 and provided me with a fresh copy of 1.75 to download and install.


I'm thrilled to have my old reliable MBAM functioning and protecting my machine. The circumstances do seem a bit strange, but again, I am NOT complaining. Perhaps I'll fare better with the next release?


(I too am an Airedale owner.)


Thanks for your help, and your concern.

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Hmm. Interesting.

I'm surprised the help desk team couldn't get 2.0 to run on your system.


As long as you have your 1.75 configured as shown earlier, it will postpone the 2.x automatic PROGRAM update for now.

Of course, if you are running PRO, you'll still want to schedule automatic DATABASE updates -- hourly should be fine.







P.S. Yes, I, too, have been owned by Airedale Terriers since before I was born. They are truly TFAOTP.

The Finest Animals On The Planet.

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  • Root Admin

Hello Buffet


Actually the issue you had is more than likely due to the original release version. I'm sure that if you let me assist you I can get you onto the new 2.x version and working properly. The vast majority of users are no longer having many issues with the latest beta version.  The original one you used did have some issues but those issues as well as others have been corrected.


The reason to use the newer version is that it has built-in rootkit scanning (1.75 does not), it has a new text parsing engine to address special threats targeted by using configuration files (1.75 does not), it has built-in Self Protection (1.75 does not). It can detect and remove some threats that 1.75 cannot.


If you'd like me to assist you then please do the following.


Please read the following and post back the requested logs.
Diagnostic Logs
Thank you

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