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Since i have update to Version 2 of Mbam it does not update automatically....

I allways get an Notification with "Your Database is out of date.."

BUT when i Click on Update it will update without problems ?!?


What i have already tried:

Remove the task from the Schedule and add a new one - i also tried to change the update time

Remove Mbam and installed it new

Remove Mbam with the Clean Tool and installed the latest Version


But all of this brings nothing.


Have some one an idea what can i do? :(:unsure:


Thanks in advance!






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Hello and :welcome:, xenon2008:


First, if rebooting the computer has not resolved it, please check to be sure your system date/time are correct and that your AV/firewall aren't blocking MBAM.




One question: did you install MBAM from a Windows Limited User Account (LUA) by any chance?

If so, you might try logging in to Windows via an Admin account and updating from there, then restarting the computer and logging back in to your LUA.

That has resolved the update issue for some users, as reported by the OP here.


Thank You,



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The latest beta build contains fixes for many issues with the release build for many users.


But it's up to you. :)


Also: did you install from a Windows Limited User account?  If so, you might try booting into an Admin account > updating and then > booting back into your standard account.

That has fixed the updating issue for some users.


Let us know how it goes.


Thank you,



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Sorry you are still having trouble with updates.


Please see step #3 below and post back the 3 logs as attachments to your next reply when you are ready:



Thank you,



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