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WOT 'detected' Malware

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Don't know if you have a specific area for reporting suspect websites - did a search, no result.

Anyway, thing is, while I don't believe WOT to always be a reliable guide, it seems it might have been in this case.

A friend, looking for Open Office, thinks http://www.openoffice.us DOT com/download-openoffice-free.php looks safe. However, WOT reports malware there.

I downloaded the complete suite from there, just to check if WOT was right or not. Turns out, according to Malwarebytes, it was. I didn't install the thing (out of date version anyway), just checked the file using avast!, Superantispyware and MBAM.

MBAM found this thing  http://malwaretips.com/blogs/remove-pup-downloadadmin-virus-removal-guide/


Not something I want on my machine, thanks all the same.
Maybe it would've been blocked during install.

I'd prefer, seeing MBAM 'knows' about it, it were blocked sooner.


Cheers and all.

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Hi, CCV:


Thanks for reporting. :)


Actually potential malware for inclusion in the MBAM database is handled in a separate area of the forum.


For prompt attention by the Research Team, I would suggest that you might want to please follow the steps >>HERE<< and then post the requested info in a new topic in the Research Center section >>HERE<<.


Thanks again!



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Thanks, daledoc1.


It's not new malware I wish to report, but rather, perhaps a 'malicious' website. It appears to exist for no purpose other than to download a counterfeit or hacked version of a legitimate program, bundled with what is known malware.

The "rootkit capabilites" mentioned on http://malwaretips.com/blogs/remove-pup-downloadadmin-virus-removal-guide/ and the fact that some define it as a "trojan" https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/69c9c7ca12642ca0958618070818592b6e2871dbfda3353c6e3eaa72c87e8060/analysis/1397177309/ make concerned it might something more serious than a "PUP".


Just saying.

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