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Anti-rootkit DDA Driver

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I keep getting the following message:


Malwarebytes anti-malware was unable to load the anti-rootkit DDA Driver, this error may be caused by rootkit activity.

Do you want to reboot the system and attempt to install the driver?

(If you don't choose to reboot, anti-rootkit scanning will be disable for this session)


I have chosen yes and other times no, but yet it keeps popping up.  Why is this happening? Any advise will be greatly appreciated and is there a toll free number for support?



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Hello and :welcome:

Thank You
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In addition to Firefox's excellent, expert advice: :)


A couple of other thoughts:

  • If this is a fresh install or upgrade, have you tried rebooting the system, as this sometimes corrects this error?
  • Is your hard drive encrypted with BitLocker, SecureDoc or any other encryption software, EXCEPT TrueCrypt?  If so, anti-rookit (ARK) scanning on such encrypted drives is not supported.  So, you'll need to disable that feature in the Advanced Settings. Regular scans should work fine.

If neither of these resolves your issue, then, by all means, please do follow Firefox's advice. :)


Just a thought,



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I did the advanced setting and I'm still getting the same message.  I tried doing the rootkit scan and it states the following:

"Could not load DDA driver, was not installed which may be caused by rootkit activity. "

Do you wan to reboot the computer to install DDA Driver? I clicked on yes, and it could not install on boot, scan can't continue.


What is this all about?  Is there anyway that I can call tech support and have someone walk be through this issue?

Thank  you

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