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Possible Conflict Between MBAM Update and Plex Media Server

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I have a notebook computer that I am running Plex media server on and I could never get MBAM to automatically update the datavbase.  I recently rebuilt the machine and reinstalled MBAM and had it running for about two weeks before getting around to reinstalling Plex media server.  MBAM was updating fine untill I reinstalled Plex.  Now I have to select "Check for Updates" before the database will update.  I can't find where others have had this issue.  Any possible solutions?

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I did all of the above before rebuilding the computer and was unable to solve the issue which is why I rebuilt the computer.  The only common denominator is Plex media server.  I searched Plex in this forum and found two other threads that contain "Plex" both of which were threads about MBAM not updating.  In both cases Plex was a program listed in the logs posted however no one made the connection.  I am certain there is a conflict. 

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I just installed the beta version and will watch to see if MBAM updates.  I have not entered exceptions for Plex because there were never any false positives, MBAM just does not update the database.   In the mean time the logs are attached  There is nothing installed on the computer but Plex, two sevices that update my DDNS and a couple of utilities as the computer serves only as a media server. 




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