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Malicious Website Detection Disabled

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When I sat down at my computer tonight there was a warning popup at the lower right corner of my screen:


Malwarebytes Anti-Malware


One or more components of protection are disabled.  Fix Now--->


The "Fix Now" button did nothing so I opened Malwarebytes and saw:  'Malicious Website Detection Disabled". I checked in Settings and it was checked "Disabled" there also, though it hadn't been before. I checked "Enable" but that didn't help - it still says that it is disabled on the Dashboard. I see that a few others have reported similar messages on the forum here.


I am running Malwarebytes on Windows 7x64 with Windows Professional. I ran Malwarebytes 1.x for a couple years on this machine and never saw a similar message appear. I have had a paid license Pro license for two and a half years.


I appreciate any help you can offer.


Thank you.



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  • Root Admin

Hello Jim and :welcome:

Thank You

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Thanks for the reply.


First, I wasn’t planning to reinstall but it sounds like you are implying that I should. Before I do that, I noticed that in a few other threads mentioning this or a similar issue it is mentioned that the website protection might not work at all on 64 bit systems. Is that true?  (If so, then what would reinstallation get me?)


Since it appeared like it was working before yesterday I thought perhaps it was just a temporary glitch. Guess not.


I'll wait to hear back on whether or not this feature is even working on 64 bit machines before proceeding.


Thank you.



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OK, this is a little odd...


I restarted Malwarebytes and all appears to be well. However I had already tried that a couple of times - even tried restarting the computer. And yet this time it worked.


Did you folks build "moodiness" into MB2 by any chance?!





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