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Recurring App Crash

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I have the latest Premium version of MWB and I am having a rather strange issue with it on one of my machines.

The machine in question is part of a home network of 3 computers and is the only one that displays this behaviour.


Every so often, and there is no set provocation, the programme won't start and when I manually try to start it I get

the app crash message with causes me to uninstall the programme, use the MWB cleaner tool, reboot the computer

and re install. It can be a little annoying.


Today, about 20 mins ago, the same issue cropped up and I had to go through this process again now for the 5th time.


I have run Virus scans using 3 different Vuris tools on the machine in question and it comes up zero. I had used the sacnner

earlier on today and it found a few "pups", I removed the files and rebooted then made another scan which showed nothing.

I am at a loss to explain this.


My network is protected by a hardware firewall and I use my own IP addresses (no DHCP)

Any ideas please? :huh:

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Hello and :welcome:, Pendaws:


Sorry to hear you are having problems with one of your computers and MBAM Premium.

Thank You,



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Thanks for the prompt reply. I have been using MWB since January this year and I have to say that I

do so like this programme and it has been a god-send to me.


I have tried uninstalling this every time I have a problem and I even make sure that the registry is clean

of the programme details but, it just comes back randomly. It has happened with the latest version and

the one before. I had enabled the root kit check on all three machines but I don't think that is the reason

this machine has been the problem unit. The other two have NEVER had this issue at all, I even took

out my RAM just in case but I am stumped.


Here is the logs from the FRST programme:



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  • Root Admin

You're running an older version known to have some issues that the latest beta has corrected.  If you follow the advice from daledoc1 and use the latest beta when reinstalling it should hopefully correct most known issues.


If you need further assistance then you'll need to remove items such as this below as it is used for stealing software from Adobe and as such we cannot continue to provide further assistance without it's removal.


Hosts: activate.adobe.com


Thank you

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