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MBAM Malicious Website Protection

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What is the difference between these two settings?


If I choose "Detection and Protection / Malicious Website protection----->Disabled,  I get a red mark on MBAM tray icon.


However, if I choose "Advanced Settings/ Advanced Option/ Enable Malicious Website Protection when Malwarebytes starts------> "not selected"  nothing happens , when in fact the effect should be the same.


Am I missing something?


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The 1st one determines whether that feature is enabled "now".  So, if you disable it, that will lower your protection and generate that message/notification that one of the major protection components is disabled.


The 2nd one determines whether that feature will be enabled WHEN MBAM STARTS (e.g. when you reboot the computer). If you remove the check from the checkbox, it won't generate a notification because MBAM is already running.  However, when you restart the computer, MBAM will load at startup with that feature disabled. You will be notified of this at that time.





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Thank you for your answer!


How is useful to have two (2) settings which in fact do the same thing?



But they don't do the same thing. ;)


One disables the protection in REAL-TIME, NOW.

The other one disables it when MBAM launches (e.g. upon restarting the computer).


This provides the user with granular control over the real-time settings.


Having said that, for most users, both of those checkboxes should be checked and that protection component should be enabled all the time.

It is one of the major ways that MBAM PREMIUM protects the user's computer from becoming infected at bad websites.

Any time one disables a major component of a security program (MBAM or an antivirus), real-time protection is diminished.

That is why the user is notified.





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Here's the breakdown of how these features/settings work and why they work the way they do, including why they are placed where they are:

  • Disabling Malicious Website Protection temporarily may be accomplished either by using the right-click menu in the tray and unchecking the Malicious Website Protection option or by clicking Disable under Malicious Website Protection in the Detection and Protection page of Settings.
  • In order to keep Malicious Website Protection disabled any time that Malwarebytes Anti-Malware runs, including on system start, uncheck the box next to Enable Malicious Website Protection when Malwarebytes Anti-Malware starts in the Advanced Settings pate of Settings. It was placed here deliberately to keep it separate from other, lower risk options and settings. All of the options under Advanced Settings carry a greater risk and might compromise the system's level of protection so they were isolated from the normal settings and options (hence the name 'Advanced'). We assume that anyone changing these settings knows what they are doing and is disabling these functions or modifying these settings deliberately, which is why we placed them where we did and titled that section the way that we did.
I hope that helps explain things better.
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