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Malicious Bios Installation, Insydeh20


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I'll bet I'm not the first dad to hear their son/daughter say "my computer is running slow, can you take a look at it".


This has happened several times over the years with my daughter despite my urging not to click on anything she isn't certain about.


But this time I can't fix it.


She has a nice Vaio laptop that I bought a few years ago.  I tried booting it last night and noticed it was taking more than 10 minutes to boot.  More alarmingly, I saw a logo for InsydeH20 come up right away, that's when the dread really set in.


I've never seen a computer with malware that installed a new bios, but that's what appears to have happened.


I'm not concerned with preserving anything on the hard drive, I just want to build a fresh install, but can't do it.  Here is what I know and what I have tried so far:


Downloaded exe for correct Vaio Bios,

Made ISO boot disc for fresh Windows 7 install

Booted from CD and tried to do a repair - no luck

Booted from CD and tried to do a clean install after deleting and reformatting the space for the primary partition - no luck, install program errors out and says the drive is unreliable.

Used command prompt from a windows install screen option, but I can't run the bios program exe, I get an error message stating that a required subsystem is not installed.


I've scoured google and this forum trying to find others with this problem and what steps to try, but no luck.  Any help that an expert can provide would be hugely appreciated.



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Thanks for the response,  I have been trying this, but to reflash you have to run and exe and has mentioned, I have not been able to get that to work from a win7 install command prompt.


I did find some information that I might be able to rebuild the bios using a power-on function hitting something called the "assist" button.  I'll try that later tonight.

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