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How To Move My Malwarebytes Prog Over To Linux From Windows X

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Hello, I think i've as good as explained already in the topic title the reason for my enquiry. I'm going to transfer my pc from the windows xp soon and am in the process at the moment in saving essentials such as photos, music and articles of value to me on cds, flash-drive sticks and i've just got an extra external  hard-drive (Toshiba 2T)But what i'd like to know and if you could advise me please i'd be most grateful. Is what to do with my Malwarebytes prog? How to transfer it over to the new linux (i've not decided which linux exactly as i sent away four linux progs on cds  to try, then see which one i like the best,i can try these i believe before making the full conversion. I think i quite like the Zorin from what adverts i've seen so far,  but am unsure as yet)I only recently purchased & install the malwarebytes and so far i am very happy with it and will be keeping this on permanently (just renew annually)as so far i'm very pleased with it and doesn't slow things down like other anti-virus progs does. I reckon there may be more to keeping my malwarebytes than just moving the icon into the external hard drive or flash-drive key? Will saving the folders in Programes (in MyComputer) be okay, then once i'm finished with the conversion just move the folder back on to the main hard drive and re-install it on the linux (assuming of course it will work on this?) I hope i don't sound too complicated, in a nutshell, its just knowing how to save the malwarebytes prog to reinstall on the new system (as i understand the linux will wipe everything on the xp, drivers etc..)

Thank You in advance. Kind Regards from pennine_rainbows:-)

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