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Malicious Web Protection Disabled

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I'm running Malwarebytes Premium (we purchased a 50 count for the college) running on a Win 2003 Server on a Dell Power Edge R900, works and has worked like a champ for years, after the upgrade, what was an minor annoyance (grey icon identifying that malicious web protection was disabled) has become an very visual warning... (good feature btw) and thus been moved up on my fix it list. We use Symantec End Point Services (our Antivirus/firewall product) I have rules in the firewall that block all outgoing traffic, outside our internal subnet so it hasn't been a huge concern, but it looks bad and is bothering me... so....  I have run multiple scans with Malwarebytes,SEP, RogueKiller, TDDSKiller, and JRT all of which come up clean, yet when I attempt to engage the Protect from Malicious Websites, it flashes ok.. for a oh lets say 1/8 of a second, than goes back to NOPE... NADA...


Any Suggestions, I'm open to anything...



Dave J 

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Hi Dave,


Malwarebytes is not designed to run on server operating systems unfortunately and is not supported in those environments.


While I have heard of cases where it works fine it is often very difficult to troubleshoot why it doesn't.  As such I apologize, but I am not able to troubleshoot why it is not working on these systems.

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