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[SOLVED] Mbae Blocking Minecraft Server


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i have run a minecraft server on my pc for my boys to use for some time now. at some point in the last 24 hours mbae has now started to block this. if i disable mbae it works fine, with it enabled i get nothing happening at all. i am now on the latest version of mbae, i wasnt before this problem first appeared. with the previoius version the logs showed a javaw issue, cant remember exactly what it was now, and i tried to add this as an exclusion, but this failed to fix the issue. i have attatched all .txt files from the mbae folder


many thanks for your help




ps, you should have my pc details on file, after a recent issue with mwb pro, resolved by email. the link to bleepingcomputer.com downloaded a file that wasnt prepared to "run in compatablilty mode" and terminated itself, and so i am unable to post pc details using it (win8.1)

mwb anitiexploit.zip

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The logs you've posted is from an old version of MBAE.


Please uninstall MBAE from Control Panel, reboot and then install the following version:



Then replicate the issue. If the issue still persists please post the new MBAE logs. They will be located in a new logs directory which is indicated in the link above.

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