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Why So Many False Postives With New Malwarebytes?

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Hello and :welcome:

I went to that site, and I encountered no blocks at all so its not really being blocked, can you post one of your protection logs so we can see what's being blocked?

To get a copy of your protection logs...

Please Open Malwarebytes go to the HISTORY Tab and then click on Application Logs and double-click to open the Protection log you want (preferably one that is showing the blocks), then click the Copy to Clipboard and post that log back here please so that we can see what being blocked and possibly what's going on.

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Normal sites i used all time with 1.75 no are flagged as malware or blocked.


Wont load it blocks somethin on site.


Sometimes web pages just don't load, eg if their server is down.   You know MBAM is blocking access to a webpage if you get a notification popup from MBAM telling you this.  Otherwise the web page is not loading due to another reason and is not being blocked by MBAM. 

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The blocked pages/IP addresses will also appear in your protection logs accessible via the History tab. Currently Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 2.0 blocks the same exact websites/IP addresses as version 1.75 does because they are both using the same databases. This will change eventually as we begin to utilize some of the new blocking capabilities in 2.0, but for now they are identical in that regard.

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