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[SOLVED] MBAE conflict with Roboform


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Yes, I can confirm this anomaly. UNINSTALL MBAE then RoboForm functions

Interestingly, if FF is run in Sandboxie with MBAE installed, RoboForm functions as it should. 

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Thanks for the reports, we'll try to replicate it internally.


 Your list of outstanding MBAE issues does not include the Roboform/Fx/MBAE conflict that I described earlier in this thread, nor has an update been made here.


The issue, in short, is that RF works fine on Ff until MBAE is installed (previous version), which causes the Rf tabs to be visible but inactive. Uninstalling MBAE restores Ff/Rf to normal operation.


Forgive me for being anxious, but I have to ask: any progress?   ;)

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  • Staff

Yes you are correct. We have it in our backlog but have not been able to get to it yet. As soon as we are able to dedicate time to it, replicate it and verify it we will work on a fix.


For the time being I've added it to the known issues list so that other users are aware of the problem.

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I've had to uninstall MBAE from my wife's laptop (Vista and IE9) as RoboForm no longer works. Would you please add this to your list of conflicts.


I've not encountered any issues with MBAE and RoboForm on my PC (Windows 7 and IE11).




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