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Upgrade to Malwarebytes Pro - Connection drop?

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Hi all,


First post on forum. Firstly, thank you to all the Malwarebytes team for a fantastic product. I was recommended it by a friend a couple of years back, and my pc has been protected and running smoothly since.


I've encountered my first problem, unfortunately i'm not very technically minded, so my description may lack depth.


Recently discovered on the malwarebytes site the chance to upgrade my exisiting license to the new "pro" version. I installed the trial on my laptop, liked the design changes, and decided for my main pc i'd upgrade my prexisting malewarebytes to the new "pro" version. I followed the online links, downloaded, program, it seemed to upgrade fine.



Problem: Ever since upgrading to malwarebytes "pro" I am no longer able to load my internet explorer sessions (or any other browser for that matter). After the explorer times out, it prompts me to diagnose and repair an connection problems, with the result of something like: unable to resolve the dns at http://wwww.google.com please contact network administrator etc (or something to that effect). Additionally the games platform Steam is no longer able to browse the store webpage etc etc.


My temp fix: Exiting Malwarebytes "pro" seems to fix the problem instantly. As soon as the program is closed down my internet sessions problems all dissappear my connection appears to be back to normal.






Sorry for the caps, Im just completely boggled how this awesome program can just suddenly sterilise my PC of any and all internet functionings!?!?! Before i upgraded to "pro" this problem NEVER occured.


Unfortunately, because I live on site where I work, Im required to access a website through internet explorer just simply to login to my ISP and establish a connection. With this problem I've got with Malwarebytes this is impossible....unless i just terminate the program, which is kind of a let down, because I'd much to prefer to have it running all the time.


Has anyone else experience this issue or similiar?


Are there any fixes?


Is there anyway I can reinstall or downgrade to the original Malwarebytes program? As i never had this issue before.



Any help or information would be much appreciated,





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Hello and welcome, jahuli:


First, please try a reboot or two (if not already done).

If still a "no go", please follow the directions exactly as shown here:
MBAM Clean Removal Process 2x

If that does not correct it, then please read the following and post back the requested logs as attachments to your next reply:
Diagnostic Logs

The staff/experts will review the logs to see what might be going on with your system.


>>If you have issues with more than one computer, it would probably be a good idea to start with logs from one computer at a time.





ALSO, for additional information:
There is an FAQ Section here: Common Questions, Issues, and their Solutions
And here are links to the MBAM 2.0 User Guide: Online and PDF

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