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Malwarebytes taking too long and freezes

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I have been a regular user of Malwarebytes for several years.  I have  a small computer repair business and have recommended my customers purchase Malwarebytes

and I have also purchased several copies for my customers.


in the older versions the quick scan took anywhere fro 5 minutes to 10 minutes.


With version it is taking over 24 minutes


I just did some experiencing with the older version and the latest version


I ran the older version  and it found 126 PUP's in 9 minutes under quick scan

I then did a restore back prior to installing the old version and then installed the latest version


It found 123 Pups and took 26 minutes to run


I am afraid that Malwarebytes is taking the same route that Both Spybot and AdWare took.  Both got so clumsy and slow that most 

folks gave up on them.


Additionally I noticed that around 200,000 files or so it will freeze up

The progress bar continues but file count stops and you cannot even exit out of it and I have to use taskmgr to stop the process.


This is NOT on just one system but several


Hope someone can take a serious look at it





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Bill, check my post above "malwarebytes startup scan" this may help until you can get a proper response. I was having the same problem, except my computer wasn't freezing, it was running slow. Videos would freeze. I haven't done a clean install yet. I did mention that the second time I started the computer it didn't seem as bad, but it still seemed like it wasn't running as good as the previous version.



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Hello Bill and Welcome...

Please try the following and let us know if that corrects it or not.

MBAM Clean Removal Process 2x

If that does not correct the issue then please read the following and post back the requested logs.

Diagnostic Logs

Thank you

NOTE: There is an FAQ section with valuable information located here:

Common Questions, Issues, and their Solutions

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