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Question about the new version for Ron Lewis

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Thank you for offering to help.  I considered the email I got from Gunter about 'run all these steps then send us five files' in reply to a simple 'has the speed changed' question to be essentially a device to discourange users from contacting you.   I'm not trying to fix some complex problem, I'm asking a basic question that should be pretty easy to answer - has the scan time changed dramatically?


I used to scan my C:\ partition in less than two hours.   Now it's just under six.   This is really not going to work for me. 


I have always thought, and please tell me if I'm wrong, that Malwarebytes Premium  was good for scanning a hard drive and looking for viruses.  But it's not a 'real time protect you from attack' kind of software, yes?   So if you're not running scans.... you're not really protected, yes?  


I use Webroot for real-time protection and it seems to work - every now and then it pops up and says 'malware detected, closing this page'.   Malwarebytes does not do this sort of thing, yes?    The combination of these two has worked pretty well.  Until now.  


So that's what I used to do, but with the new release of Malwarebytes tripling it's running time it's not a viable option for me anymore.   


So what should I be doing to protect my PC?   Thank you for any suggestions.    



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PS:  If the scan times I am experiencing are not normal I will jump through any hoops you like and send you any file you like.   Solving a problem is obviously more complicated than answering a basic question about how the new release differs from the older release.   


But is this a problem or is this just how 2.0 is?   

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  • Root Admin

Our Premium product is very much a live protection product.  It has various methods to help prevent an infection. Simply scanning without live protection is what our free product does but at that point the computer has already been infected typically and the Premium is designed to help prevent the infection in the first place.


Time taken to scan your drive is due to many factors some which can be dealt with and others not as easily.

Size of disk
Disk type
Disk speed

Disk caching
CPU speed
Controller type and speed
Operating System used
Amount of files
Amount of folders
Amount of archived files such as zip, rar, sfx, etc.
Rootkit scan or not
PUM/PUP scans
Other security programs running at the same time that may potentially be monitoring all file accesses by any other process.
Drive integrity - if a drive is failing it can take a long time to ignore and bypass sectors on a disk or simply fail period and hang the scan.
Other ongoing disk I/O processes
System being infected can also affect speed of scans


My initial guess without seeing logs is that you probably have the Anti-Rootkit scanner and Archive Scanning enabled.  Both of these can greatly increase the amount of time taken to scan your system.  Using the Anti-Rootkit on a daily basis is not needed unless  you're downloading cracked or pirated software that might greatly increase your chances of getting an infection.


Myself I basically leave both File and Web protection enabled at all times.  I set my database updates to update every 4 hours.  I don't actually even set a scheduled scan as once you've done a scan there should not be a need to do one again very often.  I will typically do a Threat Scan (used to be the Quick Scan) about once a month just to make sure is all.


What we can do is have you do a clean removal and reinstall just to make sure the product is working well and then if you continue to have issues we can review other items.


Please follow the procedure listed below to do a Clean Removal and reinstall and then go in and uncheck the scan for rootkits options under Detection and Protection - you can also uncheck the Scan within archives option


At some point you want a baseline full scan but once you've done a full scan with Anti-Rootkit and Archive scanning then for me there really is no need to do those type of scans again unless there is some sign of an infection.


MBAM Clean Removal Process 2x


Thank you

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