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Malwarebytes database out of date

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Hello, I recently upgraded my computer and had to start from scratch. I reinstalled malwarebytes and updated like normal and actived premium.

However, the new dashboard constantly says that the database is out of date and when I go to update it, it says "No update found".

I've watched the database versions and it does seem to be updating but the error messages won't stop.

I've reinstalled malwarebytes 3 times using the recommended way posted here on the forums. Any help would be great.

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  • Root Admin

I see the following in the log which is odd.

Application errors:


Error: (04/15/2014 03:36:10 AM) (Source: Steam Client Service) (User: )

Description: Error: Failed to poke open firewall

Not sure why Steam would have an issue opening a port on the firewall unless maybe you blocked it.

Can you try disabling your Firewall temporarily and then run a check for updates.

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I understand you want to test to see if your issue goes away, here is some info on version 1.75...

You really should let us work with you to see what's going on with version 2.0x. If you simply stick with 1.75 and think you're okay then come next year when we no longer support 1.75 you'll really be stuck as you won't have another version to fall back on.

If you'd like to take the time to let us help you then let me know and we'll be more than happy to take a look and see what's going on.

Ron is more than qualified to help you fix any issues you have with version 2.0x if you give him a chance...


NOTE: You can download Malwarebytes version 1.75 from =>Filehippo HERE<= and click on the GREEN box titled Download This Version (9.81MB)

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I thought I would jump in and offer some insight, I just finished upgrading someones computer from xp to 7 today, and on installing malwarebytes it kept saying it was out of date as well, closing the program completely, so that no processes where running, and then reopening it, let the program update to latest database.


As for the steam issue, that has been happening for a few months now to everyone, valve has yet to say why it does that.

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Well, I mean the very first database file for version 2. I think if it updated from that, the error might go away but I don't know if what I'm saying is possible.


yeah the first update for version 2 goes to the 10th of april then says their are no more.


as soon as I closed the program and killed all processes, and re opened the program, it let me update it to today,

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  • Root Admin

Please go ahead and start a new topic in this forum.  The post your same FRST and other logs in that forum and someone will review further to see what's going on. 



Depending on how busy it can take up to 48 hours before someone can assist you but don't post back to that post.  If no reply from someone within 48 hours please just send a PM to me or one of the Moderators.


If this is a paid product you can contact Consumer Support and they will assist  you.


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