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What happened to the "quick" scan?

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Outside of the new interface (GUI) looking clunky and generally horrible, I miss the quick scan.  It normally ran about two minutes and then reported what it found.  The 'Hyper Scan" takes nearly 12 minutes and even more at times.


My own personal opinion is that you really blew it with the new interface and the way it looks.  I am reminded on some of the 'fake' malware scanners that are actually malware in themselves that MalwareBytes was originally purchased to get rid of.


On a scale of 1 to 10, you currently get a 3.




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The scans have been renamed for version 2:
Flash --> Hyper (Paid, Premium users only)
Quick --> Threat (the only scan type routinely needed and recommended on a regular basis)
Full --> Custom (which can be a Full scan, depending on which drives/folders/files are selected).
As for scan times, the new version is more thorough and scans places that previous versions did not. Also:

Time taken is due to a many factors some which can be dealt with and others not as easily.

Size of disk
Disk type
Disk speed
Disk caching
CPU speed
Controller type and speed
Operating System used
Amount of files
Amount of folders
Amount of archived files such as zip, rar, sfx, etc.
Rootkit scan or not
PUM/PUP scans
Other security programs running at the same time that may potentially be monitoring all file accesses by any other process.
Drive integrity - if a drive is failing it can take a long time to ignore and bypass sectors on a disk or simply fail period and hang the scan.
Other ongoing disk I/O processes
System being infected can also affect speed of scans


To add to that list, the size of the MBAM definitions database can also affect scan times.
If you disable rootkit scanning and archiving scanning, that might shorten your scan times (improvements to ARK (Anti-Rootkit) scanning are in the works, we are told).
As for the GUI, yes, it has evoked strong reactions from users, both positive and negative.
There is a lot that is new, to be sure.
There were already some cosmetic changes made for the recent update (2.0.1), based on user feedback.
More info here in the User Guide (still be updated):
Online: http://www.malwarebytes.org/support/guides/mbam/
Download PDF: http://downloads.malwarebytes.org/asset/mbamuserguide.pdf
And in the FAQ (also still being updated).
If you run into any problems or issues, please feel free to post in the support section >>here<<.
The staff and experts will be happy to assist you.

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 Flash/Quick/Full = OLD. :)
Hyper/Threat/Custom = NEW. :)
As for "Custom"  scan, there is no need to run a "full" system scan on a routine basis.
This is explained here by our forum Admin:

Use Threat Scan. That is the equivalent of the previous Quick Scan.
We added the Full Scan (now Custom Scan) due to many complaints from users wanting to scan all files even though we've told them many times that their antivirus is much better at non active threats on a flat file scan. The new 2.0 includes a rootkit scanner but unless you're going out to very risky sites and downloading cracked software all the time then once you've done a rootkit scan once and a Custom/Full Scan once there really is no need to do one again unless there is really some reason to cause you to believe that something did get past your security and get onto the box. Doing a rootkit scan daily or a full scan daily is certainly going to place more stress on your hard drive and if its an SSD then that could potentially greatly reduce the life expectancy of the drive.


Hope this helps.




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I have a Custom scan set up now to take place at 0300 (my computers stay on 24/7) only once a week Sunday morning.  I'll give the Threat scan a try for a 'casual' scan.  I do loads of research and sometimes I get notifications that MalwareBytes has blocked this or that.  That used to trigger a Quick Scan with the old software.


Thanks for the feedback.



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Up to you, of course. :)


And I cannot explain it better than AdvancedSetup.


But the THREAT scan is the important one and should be done at least daily, with scheduled update checks every hour so so (the database is updated 10-12 times a day on average).

It will scan for the zero-hour and zero-day threats for which MBAM is designed.


The "FULL/"Custom" scan only needs to be done once and then not again on a routine basis -- it only adds scanning in locations with dead remnants of malware, not live infection locations.  It is a task better suited to your anti-virus.

Running regular "Full" scans of the system (especially with ARK enabled) is unnecessary and could cause premature wear of your HDD, especially if it's a SSD.


Neither scan type substitutes for robust real-time protection to PREVENT infection in the first place -- that is the job of MBAM Premium, alongside a robust, updated, realtime anti-virus (AV).


But, again, that's all up to you.







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I get it.  I am a Premium (paid) user.  I may be a bit more aggressive in my scans, but that is only because of the web browsing I do for research.  I've also found that whatever MBAM doesn't catch, Emsisoft will catch (sometimes simultaneously).  They function differently and so far I've never had any conflicts at all between them.



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I can't run a full scan anymore?   Because it takes SIX FREAKING HOURS TO SCAN MY C:\ PARTITION?   




I've been a premium user for many years but I think it's time to start considering other options.

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I may have to find an alternate scanner also.  My scan last night took over 4 hours instead of my normal 25-30 minutes.  This was with pretty much everything turned off AND only certain directories I wanted to scan.


I'm afraid MBAM may have become bloatware.



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