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My on-screen MWB shows up stretched across two and a half screens

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  When my MWB shows up on screen, it's stretched across two and a half screens. I keep having to move it from one side to the other to DO anything!!! There are NO controls to correc this. All the controls attached to the software control is how the antimalware performs NOT how the software is presented on-screen. It's like 'word-wrap' was shut off and what shows when I activate MWB won't accept my grab and drag when I try to collapse it from side-to-side!











  Imagine the diagram above has verticle lines connecting the two in the middle lines together and the two on top and bottom, at the ends obviously! The elongated 'box' in the middle represents how MWB shows up on my PC screen. The two lines representing my monitor dimensions are the top and bottom ones. I have to "grab" the MWB window at the top of it's window with my cursor and pull it from one side to the other any time I use MWB! THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!! Anything I need to do with the MWB window is on either end and once you do something using the controls on one end the way to finish what you started is always on the other end!!!

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Hello and :welcome:

See if this helps...

Please restart your computer and them run the following clean removal procedure and let us know if that corrects the issue or not.

NOTE: If you currently have version 2.0x installed make sure you do not have Self Protection Enabled, if you do you must disable it first before running the MBAM Clean tool....

MBAM Clean Removal Process

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