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[SOLVED] IE11 & MS Office don't open after Windows 8.1 Update


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Well since latest IE 11 update and W8.1Pro 64 Bit update to 8.1.1 today, IE will not open when MBAE protection is enabled. Once disabled, IE opens normally " and then" when protection is Enabled all websites open normally within IE.

If IE is closed and reopen is attempted there is no response UNTIL protection is Disabled, then open normally.

Very odd and first issue  had with MBAE 10.0.1000


Anyone else??

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Yes I have been following his Topic however my specific issue just 'developed after today MS update' (Patch Tuesday) and the major update to W8.1

This is not associated with EMET and all was running fine immediately prior to MS updates.

Not sure if it's related to the W8.1.1 major update or just the security update to IE11

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  • Staff

I find as follows with MBAE v0.10.0.1000


Windows 8.1 - Internet Explorer, MS Office applications - working

Windows 8.1 with Update 1 - Internet Explorer, MS Office applications - do not open unless MBAE is disabled

@NADight, just yo make sure. You don't have EMET installed, do you.
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I updated today 9 of april 2014 to Windows 8.1 update, the last release. If I have protection on in Anti-Exploit, Internet Explorer 11 do not start.

If I turn protection off, it works. This is the new Explorer 11 with Windows 8.1 update. In Firefox protection works. I have version of Anti-Exploit.

I have also Malwarebytes Anti-malware lifetime 2.0 along with Norton 360.

What can you do about it?

Best Regards

Gunnar Öhlund

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