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OK to turn off Real Time Protection to Install Program then Scan?

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General procedure question, for using Malwarebytes 2.0 premium:


I use FreeFileSync to backup data files.  FreeFileSync wanted to upgrade to the newest version, so I downloaded it.  When I went to install it, Malwarebytes blocked it with a PUP warning, preventing the install.  Clicking the Allow button did not allow me to install the upgrade.  Since FreeFileSync appears to have a good rating (and I use it daily), I turned off Malwarebytes Real Time Protection and installed the upgrade.


I then turned Malwarebytes Real Time Protection back on.  I then ran a scan.  It found 4 PUP's (Open Candy).  I let Malwarebytes quarantine the 4 PUP's.  FreeFileSync upgrade works as it is suppose to... NOTE: during the install, there was NO WAY to decline the Open Candy PUP's -- I am always very careful to read first, then click later...


My basic "best-practices" question is whether what I did was ok?  Or is there a better way to install a known (reasonably) safe program or update that contains PUP's (according to Malwarebytes 2.0)?  I would hate to not upgrade (FreeFileSync in this case) because of the PUP's, but then again, I don't want something installed that I can't clean up after the fact either...


Suggestions for a future repeat of this issue???                Sorry if this is too basic of a procedural question...  :blush:



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I would have used the portable version of FreeFileSync, as it doesn't require administrative rights it can't install the PUP propperly (if it tries to do so at all).



You could of course switch to the competition. (Allway Sync, SyncBack, Synkron, File Synchroniser) Whether it's worth the trouble is up to you.


So I would start with trying to avoid installing PUP's by using different installers/software. But if that's not an option, I would temporary change the settings about how MBAM should treat PUP's (detection and protection settings) instead of turning off the realtime protection.


As a little note: the site below seems to indicate that freefilesync doesn't install PUP's, merely shows ads during installation. Are you sure you didn't have the PUP's before the installation?


Further I have little to comment, sometimes there is no neat way and you'll have to do it the dirty way. I hope this gives you some ideas for the next time.


If you have any questions, please post & ask.

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Thanks Durew,


Use to have Allway Sync (paid version) for years, but switched to FreeFileSync with new Windows 7 Prof since it seemed to have glitches...


Anyways, I only turned off the Real Time Protection to do the actual install -- not when I did the download... if that makes any difference.


Here is a screen shot of the Quarantine History.  You will note that the PUP's appeared at the exact same time as the download, so I am as sure as I can be that they came with the installer for FreeFileSync.  If this helps, the download link came directly from their website and pointed to Sourceforge.net




So is it still all right to TEMPORARILY turn off Real Time Protection for the installation (not download process)?  I am not sure how to temporarily change the settings about how MBAM should treat PUP's (detection and protection settings).


Thanks again for the comments...  It helps.



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Well I for one would not have installed it, nor would I have disabled the protection just to install it.  Right now the installer only had 4 PUP with it as you said, but what's to keep them on the next update to have more than those 4 and include conduit with it or even worst, some browser hijackers or even a rootkit.


I would find an alternative program, one that does not have the PUP, that does the same thing...


Its up to you as its your computer, but that's how I feel about it.

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