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MBAM 1.75 and Total Recipe Search toolbar

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So, a friend's computer running Windows 7 (64-bit) and MBAM 1.75 Pro had a problem with the Total Recipe Search toolbar.  MBAM quarantined the toolbar, which is good, BUT it somehow got stuck in a "quarantine loop" where it kept notifying us it was putting the same file in the quarantine over and over again.  Apparently, this went on for a few days and only today, April 4, 2014, was I able to witness this myself.


I tried to look at the quarantine within MBAM but MBAM would stop responding to the system.  So, I thought the MBAM installation was corrupt and I used the "mbam-clean" utility, downloaded from here, to remove it so I could re-install it.  "mbam-clean" appeared to hang as well.  It would confirm my desire to remove MBAM and then no mbam-clean window of any kind ever appeared again.   So, I figured it had finished but simply didn't notify me it was done and I tried to install MBAM 2.0 and the installer kept failing.  *sigh*


Eventually, I figured out the problem.  Apparently, when MBAM 1.75 was in the "quarantine loop", it generated over 94,000 files in the quarantine folder in ProgramData.  When I thought "mbam-clean" was hung, it was actually spending time deleting the files in the quarantine folder.  I stopped the mbam-clean utility and manually deleted the quarantine files in a command window.  Manually deleting that number of files using Windows Explorer caused Explorer to stop responding to the system as well.  The manual delete in a command window ran far more quickly and finished in a less than a minute.  After that, I re-ran mbam-clean and it ran to completion and prompted me to reboot the system.  After that, I was able to successfully install MBAM and it's up and running on the system now.


I have no idea why MBAM 1.75 had a quarantine problem with Total Recipe Search toolbar but putting over 94,000 files in the quarantine folder doesn't seem quite right.  Is there a way to configure MBAM to remove files from the quarantine either after a certain period of time or if the folder grows to a certain size?





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Not currently no but that feature request has been submitted before so hopefully it will added to an update in the future.  You could setup a scheduled task to manually delete files as a workaround but its pretty rare to have that many files in quarantine in the first place.


If you do need any further assistance please let us know.

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