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Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Update to 2.0.1

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OK here is a bug that just happened... I was testing out the use of restore points... when I rebooted and the computer came back up I had 2 instances of mbam.exe running and I had two tray icons. One of the icons showed that I was fully protected and the second said that protection was not enabled. I closed out the one that was not protected and when it closed the one that was protected went to unprotected mode. Clicked on fix it and that turned on the protection. A second reboot, (only tested on one reboot), only one MBAM icon came up.

I have a screen shot if you like but I guess we can not attach images in the news section.

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Installed the lastest update to 2.0 went to rename desktop icon to MBAM would not allow it. Seems like permissions have been totally removed from all functions

If you have Self-protection enabled under Advanced Settings, it prevents modifying any of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware's files, including that shortcut. Temporarily disable self-protection and you should be able to rename the shortcut.
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Thanks Marcin, for this great improvements of Malwarebytes 2.00 to 2.0.1. Personally, I tried the BETA though I paid less attention of the aggressiveness of colors because security is what really matters to me. However, thanks for all the improvements and listening to all MAB users. More power...

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Frankly, I prefer to be notified when an update has occurred.

It would be great if you could hover the mouse over the MBAM icon and it would say "scheduled scanning" or "Updating" whatever is occurring. :)

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I've modified the original post, but I'll add it here as well --


In about 2-3 weeks we're going to release yet another patch that will fix about ~30 bugs that have been reported or we've discovered. We wanted to make sure the UI issues were addressed first since we had some really great feedback from everyone.

''Scan for rootkits causes scan process to stuck'' is included in that release ?

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That is a rather generic question / issue. There are some issues for specific systems or OS but overall the vast majority of user do not have an issue with it freezing. If you're having a specific issue and no one has assisted you with looking into the issue I would suggest creating your own topic and have someone assist you here: https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showforum=41

Thank you

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Just installed latest version over previous 1.75 and I really love the new layout & design !

Everything happened without a problem and updates, scans, scheduled scans seem to work perfectly.


A big big thank to the whole MBAM Team for your hard work and keep up with this excellent piece of software ...  :)  

(using the Pro, eeh now Premium version since a few years with a lifetime license)




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I'm a long-time MBAM 1.xx Pro user.


Overall, I appreciate the result of the obviously huge effort you put into launching 2.0. It's especially great that you've included -- and made optional -- rootkit detection. However, there are a couple things that I find quite bothersome.


(1) In 1.x, you had two options for malware notifications:

  • "Show tooltip balloon when filesystem threat is blocked"
  • "Show tooltip balloon when malicious website is blocked"

With 2.0, you only have "Notifications: Enabled | Disabled". A real step backwards, IMO. Why?


(2) In 1.x, minimizing the window went to the taskbar. Now, it goes to the system tray. So, the action of clicking on the "Red X" (close) is identical to the action of clicking on the dash (Minimize). Very, very unacceptable, IMO. Why???

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I sincerely hope you will bring back two things in your newest version which are the "small and unobtrusive pop-up windows that showed in the right hand corned to let us know the program is doing it's updates" AND "I liked the option of having the scans either run silently or openly so we could make sure our scans are also running as they should".  Nowhere in your newest program can I find these options and I feel you have made a serious mistake by eliminating them.  Is there any way we can go back to having these two things added to your next upgrade?  I can't see why anyone would find this to be a problem since it seems to me to be a safety issue for our computers.  

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The scans take entirely too too long. 4 hours plus for a custom scan? 1 hour plus for a quick scan??


And this is with rootkit scanning disabled. Though it shouldn't take anywhere near that long even with it enabled.


The old version didn't take anywhere near this long.


I know it didn't have the rootkit feature integrated but if integrating it increases scan times this drastically, take it out.

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@Ron Lewis


I'd be happy too - the more heads the better yes? - but I'm currently working with a support agent trying to figure it out


So far no success


I also posted about this issue in an earlier thread


Should I create a new topic still or continue with the support agent or both?

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It would be wonderful if the new engine could be in the old user interface as well.

It reminds me of Microsoft going from a good UI such as Windows 7 to a garbage UI like Windows 8.

Or like Avast going from a nice lightweight to a heavy bloated piece of garbage.
I sure hope Malwarebytes is not headed in that direction, as it is the best of the best when it comes to security and solutions for problems.
You don't need a pretty UI to have a great product that people will buy, you need a great product, which you have for sure.

Please don't commit software suicide Malwarebytes by going with the pretty crap and not having a nice clean simple interface that has no need for pretty, just kicking malware's butts.

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As reported elsewhere in this Forum, I too had the problem after upgrading to Free, v2014.04.11.01 on a Win7 x64 machine where the Malwarebytes icon both in the All Programs file and Taskbar was the greyed out generic icon. This had never happened before 2.0.  I read and followed the instructions for a clean uninstall and reinstall...this did not work.  Next I tried the Microsoft Fixit tool for icon repair and this worked...hopefully not just for now.  Is there a fix planned in the next upgrade, ie, in 2-3 weeks?  I know this was largely a cosmetic problem before the fix, but it was hugely annoying when upgrading to the latest and greatest Malwarebytes.  Aside from this issue, everything about 2.0 works fine and the Dashboard layout is very slick.

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TBH, if this is occurring to a select few people, and both reports thus far have been fixed not by running the MBAM clean uninstall tool but by a MicroSoft Fixit tool, to me that indicates something in the OS itself as opposed to MBAM being the root of the problem.  However, it may very well lie in some facet of the MBAM install procedure that is contributing to the problem.


Rest assured that the staff here are reading all these posts relating to problems, hitches, glitches (and praise) with MBAM 2.0 and if they do determine that three is a facet of MBAM contributing to this (or any other problem) that they will not leave the problem unaddressed.


They never have in the past, and they are not going to start ignoring problems now.

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