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MBAM2.0 scan results - malware found

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I have looked in the user manual and here on the forum but still have not been able to find this information IN PLAIN VISUAL DETAILS.  Why is this not in the user manual?


If you run a manual scan on a system and MBAM finds malware, what happens next?  In version 1.x, the answer was pretty plain and well documented.  In version 2.0, I can not find the answer anywhere.  Does anyone have some details and screen shots available that they would like to share?  I'm sure others would find this interesting also.  (I really don't want to 'infect' a system just to find out.)

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You get a notification that pops up about malware, and you get a log shwoing you what MBAM has found, and you have 3 choices - ignore, Exclude, or quarantine.


Other than how the notifications look, it's pretty much the same as with MBAM 1.xx, or at least what I remember of 1.xx.


Hopefully a staff member can more fully qualify my answer.

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Hi, dbreeze:


Yes, there are quite a few new features and settings, compared to version 1.xx with which we had all grown so comfortable (and the new GUI).

Version 2.00 was just released about a week ago.

I am only a home user myself, but I am confident that the team will be providing lots of updated information, KB topics, videos and revisions to the User Guide.


If you ever have a question or problem, please feel free to post here and someone will be more than happy to assist you.


Thanks for your patience,



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Thank you for the reply.  I also found what I needed in the BETA topics but it is a shame the manual for the product is not as up-to-par as the application is.


Don't worry, the staff are hard at work updating hundreds, if not thousands, of threads and posts and even online content regarding the new MBAM 2.0.  It is a work in progress, but with the Development team still listening to user voiced 'issues, gripes and complaints" about various aspects, and with a proposed change already to he GUI, it's easy to understand why these things you're looking for don't exist as of yet.

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