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[SOLVED] Problems with Malware anti exploit beta


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Had the version that was released in December running on my desktop. Starting getting messages from it telling me it was expired and I needed to update. Went to your website, downloaded, and installed latest version. Kept getting messages that the product was expired. Checked installed products, (programs and settings), but could NOT see the old version. Finally, removed the product completely but kept getting beta expired messages. Apparently, removing/installing new versions of this beta do NOT remove a process that is running, and I was unable to locate it to stop it using task manager. Rebooted computer, found and DELETED directory that this program created in program files, Will NOT reinstall. I think your install for this program needs some work to clean it self up properly. This message would come up EVERY time I clicked on any program or file while trying to use the computer. It was very irritating.

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Hi: :)


Have you tried to follow the instructions >>HERE<< to upgrade to the current version?

(It sounds as if you might have tried it?)


Please let us know if that resolves your issue.


ALSO, since you are having problems, it might be advisable to post about it in this forum section dedicated to MBAE >>HERE<<, so that @pbust may be more likely to spot your post.

I'm sure the staff will be more than happy to help you to get it working properly on your system. :)





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