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Product : MBAM Premium v

OS's  : XPSP3 Professional.  Vista SP2 Home Premium.  W7SP1   W8.1


QUESTION : Do all AV packages (both Free and Paid) work equally well alongside MBAM or are some AV packages more compatible with MBAM than other packages?





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Thanks Mossman, Firefox and Daledoc1 for your replies and the links :) .


I agree that there is no such thing as the "best" AV product.  It usually depends on the specific system which product will be perceived as being the best.  Personal preference is also a factor.


However, as MBAM is a product that compliments standard AV products, it would be interesting to know whether, amongst Forum Members, there is a perception that AV-A is a better fit with MBAM than AV-B.


Reading through other Forums, it is interesting to note that some AV products (based on Member postings) don't seem to be particulary keen on the idea of cohabiting with MBAM.  For example, in the Forum of a very popular AV product there are numerous postings that the AV product would not install if MBAM had been pre-installed. 


That kind of info is useful before one commits to a particular AV solution.




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Another major factor - price.  Some free AVs are good, but a few paid products are (relatively speaking) better than the free offerings.


However, people on a limited budget may not be able to afford a paid product, and particularly one with a renewable subscription format (which, I believe, is the case for almost all paid AV products).


Everyone has an opinion, and you will probably garner a few good ones in asking this, but as you already mentioned, a lot of those (as with any opinions) are going to be highly subjective, and should be no more of a guide than using sites like VirusBulletin and AV-Comparatives for comparing actual performance between AV programs / suites on different operating systems and hardware.

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You're welcome. :)

  For example, in the Forum of a very popular AV product there are numerous postings that the AV product would not install if MBAM had been pre-installed.


That's actually a fairly widespread "tactic" of the major AVs.

It's largely driven by marketing, not incompatibility.


Having said that, it is true that many of the major AV/ISS products do at least "prefer" (if not demand) that one *temporarily* uninstall MBAM (and other security applications) before installing that software.

In nearly all cases, one can just reinstall MBAM AFTER the AV is installed/activated/configured.


If you ever run into any issues with MBAM and a particular AV, you can always post here and someone will be more than happy to help.





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The best AV product is the computer user.


1.  Keep your computer's OS uptodate including downloading and installing the latest patches

2.  Avoid using OS that are no longer offically supported by the manufacturer

3.  Use a good AV product.  There are several.  Keep it uptodate, program and virus signatures.

4.  Use a good non AV anti-malware product preferably in real-time mode.  Keep the progam and its definitions uptodate

5.  Keep all applications on your computer uptodate

6.  Unvoide websites known to contain malware

7.  Do not open email attachments even from senders you know unless you know they are sending an email with an attachment

8.  Clean your computer daily with a product like CCleaner when you done for the day.

9.  Use security extensions with your browser

10.Turn off auto-play in Windows

11 Scan all USB thumb drives and DVD's before opening any files on them.

12. Do not use unsecured Wifi connections especially public ones

13. Do not use simple passwords

14. Use multiple authentication where possible

15. Do not surf the Net with adminstrator privileges

16. Do not run downloaded files until they have been scanned by an AV/anti-malware product.  Preferably better to save the file first than run it directly from the download

17. Do not use Java Plugin

18. Use Flash plugin only with care. Do not override your browser's security features in order to get a flash file to run in your browser.

19. Run a complete system scan at least once a month, once a week is better

20. Do a clean install of your OS once a year.  If nothing else your system will perform better and there will be fewer problems installing and running applications

21. Stay current on current malware threats by visiting security websites once a week

22. If you are unsure whether a website or application is safe do not visit the website of use the app.

23. Check your computer once a week for PUPs that may have been installed without your permission.  You can do this by using Windows uninstaller or a good third party uninstaller app

24. Do not allow remote access to your computer if at all possible.   Sometimes technical support people will request remote access to your computer.  Before allowing it make sure there is no other way to fix a problem without allowing remote access

25. If another person uses your computer do not give them adminstrator privileges

26. Do not sacrifice computer security for speed


I probably forget some.points.

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