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MBAM Exclusions crazy replication

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MBAM 2.0 Premium - Win7x64


In 1.75 Pro I had twelve exclusions.  I installed 2.0 Premium and a while later I checked the exclusion and found there were 36, three each of my original exclusions.  I cleared those out and manually re-enter the twelve.  I have observed these replicataing until now there are 120 items in there, ten each of the original twelve.

Along with the other issues I've posted up here and reading of the others, I believe that installing 2.0 over 1.75 was a big mistake.

I'm going to try the mbam-clean "solution" and if that doesn't whip 2.0 into acceptable behavior I'm reverting to 1.75.  Or after almost five years, no MBAM at all.

I've grown weary of dealing with this new version.



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Hi, dallas7:


This is a known issue: https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=143890



Items listed in Malware Exclusions and Web Exclusions will have a set of duplicate entries after each database update which has occurred since mbam.exe started during the current Windows session. Removing one duplicate will remove all duplicates along with the original item from the list. Exiting Malwarebytes Anti-Malware completely and launching it again or restarting the system will return the Exclusions list to normal until another update occurs. This is purely a cosmetic issue and has no effect on exclusions functioning properly.


Some users have reported a workaround, but YMMV: https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=144623#entry806775





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Thanks for the fast reply!  I was wondering why you cited RC1 known issues but now I realize these have not been addressed in the actual release.  How reassuring it is to know it's only cosmetic. <_<


The workaround failed for me; it didn't take too long for the few I had re-created to spawn the unwanted step-children.


But at least now I've jumped through the mabam-clean hoop which I should have done in the first place.





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Hi, dallas7:


Not wanting to wait any further for the internal update to appear, I installed 2.0.2 over 2.0.1 on 5/26.


Even after a couple of reboots, I report here that the malware exclusions bloat is still occurring.


AFAIK, the fix for this duplicated display was not included with the current release.

The devs *are* aware and they are working on it for a future release.


It is purely cosmetic.



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AdvancedSetup  said that "some users seem to see it AGAIN"  which suggests that the problem has been addressed in the latest release but , unfortunately, the result is not spectacular. 


Yes, he did, before he corrected himself after he confirmed with the dev team that this particular bug had NOT been squashed with the current build.


The bottom line is that the dev team is aware of the problem.

There is no point in rehashing this topic over and over again.

@Dallas7 posted because he thought the bug was fixed, I replied to clarify that it is not.

There's really not much else any of us can do about it until it is.


I'm sure that the dev team will notify us when it is fixed.


In the interim, once again, we will ask once again that you please stop hijacking topics started by other users, especially when your information is not current.



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