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Malicious website blocking DNS issues

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When I enable malicious website blocking I cannot access the internet when using a third party DNS such as Google or Open DNS.


When I disable malicious website blocking or use the DNS assigned via DHCP on my router, all is well.


For some reason this only occurs on one PC out of three in my household.


Kind Regards

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Hello and welcome, smsmasters: :)


Is this the same computer and problem for which you already have an open post in the malware removal section >>HERE<<?

(I see that 2 other new forum users have replied in that post -- the mod team will remove those "extra" replies.)


If so, then it would probably be a good idea to stay with that other topic. :)

It will be confusing for everyone and will consume excessive forum resources to work on the same issue simultaneously in 2 places.

Please be patient waiting for expert help - the malware forum can be quite busy and many of the expert helpers are volunteers.

One of the malware experts will assist you as soon as possible.

Once you are given the "all clear" by your helper, if there are other issues with the computer, your helper might refer you back here or to the General PC Help forum, if needed.


Thanks for your patience and understanding,



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OK, well, I guess we'll need to wait for the mod team to decide whether to keep this one or the other one. ;)


Either way, it will involve running some scanners and tools.

Generally, those sorts of things are NOT permitted in this particular section of the forum.

So it may well be that they might ask you EITHER to follow-up with that other post in the malware section, OR they may move this one to the PC help section.


Thanks again for your patience,



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