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Windows Photo Viewer won't launch & Workaround

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MBAM Premium v2 - Win7x64

I have maintained the default Windows Photo Viewer to open and display image files (jpg, etc.) when selected from within Explorer.

Ever since MBAM v2.0, selecting an image file (double-clicking or left-click > Preview) results in a busy (spinning) mouse pointer until the Explorer window is closed.

Disabling Malware Protection allows the file to Preview in Windows Photo Viewer.  Re-enabling Malware Protection returns the behavior described in the previous paragraph.

Adding PhotoViewer.dll to Malware Exclusions resolves the issue.


This is posted up as a report on observed problematic behavior and an interim workaround.  No troubleshooting efforts are solicited thereby nor can I engage in any at this point in time.


Thank you.

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Disabling Malware protection =  uncheck "Malware Protection" in the tray icon menu.


@everyone else not experiencing the issue

I posted up in case any others observing the same behavior and searching this forum (and eventually google, etc.) might find a workaround.



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Just wanted to make sure Dallas - never can be too sure.  I was prettysure but still had to ask.


Since you're also having MBAM laod automatically even when set not to, I asked in your other thread and will repeat here - have you tried a clean install of MBAM 2.0?

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  • Staff

This is odd. I use Windows Photo Viewer myself and I use Windows 7 x64 Service Pack 1 and have never observed this behavior. I realize the OP says that he/she does not wish to engage in any troubleshooting/diagnostics efforts, but if anyone else has had this issue please do the following if possible when this occurs and Windows Explorer is unresponsive (you'll likely need to have Task Manager running prior to attempting to preview the image file otherwise it may not open/respond once you replicate the freeze):

Create Crash Dump using Windows Task Manager on Windows Vista/7/8/8.1:

  • Open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc on your keyboard
  • Click Show processes from all users at the bottom to enable that option and click Yes if prompted by User Account Control
  • Click on the Image Name column near the top to sort the list of running processes by name
  • Locate the mbam.exe process and right-click on it, selecting Create Dump File
  • Wait a moment while Windows creates the dump file
  • Once it completes it will inform you of the name and location of the dump file (typically C:\Users\Your user name\AppData\Local\Temp\mbam.dmp
  • Navigate to this location and right-click on the mbam.dmp file and choose Cut
  • Right-click on your desktop or some other convenient location where you'd like to place the file and choose Paste
  • Right-click on the mbam.dmp file you just moved and hover your mouse over Send to and choose Compressed (zipped) folder
  • Attach the mbam.zip file you just created to your next post or if it is too large, upload it to a file sharing service such as WeTransfer and provide the download link for the file in your next reply
Upload File(s) to WeTransfer:
  • Visit WeTransfer.com
  • Click on I Agree


  • Click on the icon on the lower left indicated in the below image


  • Select the Link option


  • Click on +Add Files


  • Browse to the location of the file and double-click on it or click once on it and select Open


  • Click on Transfer


  • Once the transfer completes, click on Copy link


  • Once you receive the Copied! message as indicated below, paste the link into your next reply


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