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MBAM 2 on Win XP SP3

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I assume MBAM 2 (free) is OK on Win XP SP3 although I couldn't find system requirements.  I have now installed MBAM 2 (free)  and all seems fine and it overwrote the last version leaving my two ignore items I had in my last version in "malware exclusions".  I can't locate the log files which we used to have though.  I found the scan and protection logs in history and located the xml files as shown but opening them told me nothing just a jumble of writing code. Where can I read the scan results from the logs as before?

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You should be able to read the logs by going over to the History Tab

Then click on Application Logs on the left and that will display your logs.... On my computer I can simply just double click on of the files and it pulls it up.

On the Protection Log if you double click it you can read it fine.

On a Scan Log, you can double click it and read the info there, or you can Copy it to Clipboard and paste it on either the forum, or you can copy it to notepad. You can also export it to XML or notepad

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Many thanks Firefox. I actually sorted that out afterwards. I got a bit confused with all the new formats and rushed to print too soon.

And thanks Oldviking also. I am aware that Windows are withdrawing support for XP but I much prefer it to Win7(which I also have) and I have heard some bad reports from people with Win 8. I think XP is the best one that Windows made.

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Hello !

Windows XP support will end on 8 April. :rolleyes:


Hello Oldviking:


Although Microsoft's XP support will end for most of us, Malwarebytes has generously committed to supporting MBAM's use with Windows XP beyond April 8, 2014. :D  

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