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A corrected interface soon?


Yet there is a problem with the Cyrillic alphabet in the report Mbam.

Files:PUP.Optional.InstallCore.A, C:\Users\allxs\AppData\Local\Temp\ICReinstall_download.vcr446win.exe, , [7dfaef187506e74f22b4c43ca958c63a], PUP.Optional.DealPly.A, C:\Users\allxs\AppData\Local\Temp\is40051056\dp.exe, , [c0b7d03790eb46f0c59ea6828f75a25e], PUP.Optional.ToolBar.WA, C:\Users\allxs\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Webalta Toolbar\?????°?»??N?N? Webalta Toolbar.lnk, , [c5b24abd4b30f442cd4c71daab5832ce], PUP.Optional.ToolBar.WA, C:\Users\allxs\AppData\Local\Webalta Toolbar\uninstall.exe, , [680f8186730811255983cb7f966cf30d],

example: http://virusinfo.info/showthread.php?t=157254


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example log




Trojan.Dropper, D:\??N??°??N?????N?N???N??? ???»?????°N?N?\tg13.exe, , [ebbdab5d4734072fc3532127a65a6f91], 
Trojan.PolyCrypt.Gen, D:\??N??°??N?????N?N???N??? ???»?????°N?N?\transportgiant.exe, , [674129dfbac1d46294240f46e41d11ef], 
Riskware.Tool.CK, E:\??????????? \VMWareWorkstation-6.5.2\keygen.exe, , [099f9474116adf575360f521c242837d], 


Please correct the problem with the Cyrillic alphabet


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