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Installed successfully, but registration failed. Sequence contains more than one element

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We are having major problems with our MBAM deployment.  After initial installation, we have many machines that are stuck in a state where they are unable to communicate with the console, therefore they are unable to get the required policy, thus MBAM keeps prompting that it is out of date event though the updates tab shows them as up to date.  We pushed this software through SCCM and not the MBAM console as we had to push it to 1500 users.  Some of these clients did have the consumer version installed previously and I realize that is part of the problem.  However, that's irrelevant at this point.   


We have been attempting to resolve the issue by uninstalling the software from the MBAM console, running MBAM-cleaner (this does not seem to do anything except prompt for a reboot), reboot the workstation, and then reinstall the software from the console.  The message we are repeatedly getting is "Installed successfully, but registration failed.  Sequence contains more than one element." 


I have multiple support tickets open for these issues but we've gotten no help up to this point(at this point they said they need to talk to their developers).  Has anyone else run into this issue and come up with a solution other than "it needs to be connected to the network" which is what I've gotten out of support on this?



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