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Is MBAM v2 compatible with Webroot SecureAnywhere AV?

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You can't setup exclusions in Webroot, so that makes me wonder shall I even bother installing my lifetime license of PRo with MBAM v2?


did MBAM do anything to imrpove compatibility with other AVs?


do I need to setup the exclusions in MBAM to excluse webroot? webroot's folder is only 743 KB in size as all the scanning is done in the cloud

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You can't setup exclusions in Webroot

That alone would stop me from using their product but that aside... yes there were reports of some users having an issue with MBAM and Webroot.

If there is an issue with running the 2 products together and you're willing to test it out and provide feedback and do some research work with us then we can look and see if the conflict can be corrected. There are so many variables between machines and software that can potentially cause an issue.

Thank you

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Hi AdvancedSetup,



                MBAE: Experimental

                Window 7 (64)

                Webroot Complete:

                Firefox: 31.0 beta


I know this post is a few months old, but I have just ditched Kaspersky and started using WebRoot Complete version: (mainly because of the increased browser speed).


It is not strictly true to say that WebRoot has no exclusion list, what it does have is a list where you can Allow, Block, Monitor.  If you allow a particular executable, I think I'm right in saying its basically the same as Ignore in other AV's


I been using Webroot along with MBAM and MBAE for a few days without any mutual exclusions, and have had no problems what so ever, they seem to play really well together.


Just as a precaution though I have today setup mutual exclusions (allows in the case of Webroot).


I would be happy to do any testing for you should you require it.


Kindest regards. :)


Edit: I forgot to mention the version of WebRoot I'm using has only just been released.

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