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Can't Remove Desktop Shortcut

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I just upgraded to 2.0. Using Win 7 Premium.


The installer put a shortcut on my desktop. When I try to remove it, even with admin rights, I get a message telling me I don't have the righ to remove it.


I tried changing the permissions on the shortcut, but I get a similar error message.


Anyone know what's going on here?

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I noticed the same thing - self-protection protects everything MBAM (which is good) even to the point of not being able to rename the shortcut or moving or renaming the Start menu item.


Turning off the self-protection returned control of those items to me, without reboot, unlike for this user wherein the issue persisted, even after a reboot.  Possibly because I don't use UAC at all and my account is an Admin??  


Good luck.

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How about we re-light this up, regarldess of if I have Self Protect on or off, I can't rename or remove the Malwarebytes iconds.

(I want them moved off of the primary start menu list into a sub folder)

  • UAC Disabled
  • My user account is an Admin
  • Cannot take ownership
  • Cannot delete or move

It seems that MBam has decided that v1 was just to simple and easy to operate, and thus we had to write cute interfaces and the enable some sort of secret self protection, of which why? The app starts from the registry, if malware was going to hijack it, then it would somewhere besides the start menu Icon.
I even challenge you to come up with a SINGLE case where some malware changed the icon and made it launch something rogue.


In my specific case, I install it and remove all the icons, if it is running in the system tray, then I can start the app from there.
I purchased 3 copies which I have owned for years, and MBam has been nothing but rock solid and just simply works.

The total re-design of the interface and how a user can interact is going in the WRONG direction, Take Spybot for example, V2 they went the CORRECT DIRECTION, which was "dont ask me questions just protect me" this is what MBam was to begin with, now MBam seems to think we need a cute interace and neat icons and buttons.

A hammer works because it just works, It has not been re-designed in over a hundered years for a reason. It does not need a OSAH approved, gel coated, ergonomic handle, or a self launching safety shield. It just needs to drive nails.

Take that simple approach and get back to how the app worked when the forums were not filled with problems due to the GUI and nonsence self protection.

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Hi, @GGITech: :)
This thread is several months old and based on an older build of the program, so the mod team might split off your post to a new, separate thread.
Having said that, if you are unable to move/remove/rename the desktop shortcut icon with Self-Protection (SP) disabled, then that is not normal behavior.
The staff, experts and forum helpers are all here to provide whatever assistance you need to sort that out.
Routine troubleshooting starts with the following steps:

Otherwise, this is actually the support section of the forum.
So, if you are here only to provide feedback and suggestions for changes to the program UI/UX, then the best place to post those comments and ideas would probably be in the separate "Comments and Suggestions" section of the forum >>here<<. :)
That way, your suggestions will be less likely to be lost or caught up in support threads.


Thank you,

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I just had the same issue as these guys - I couldn't move or delete the desktop link (under Windows 10 Pro x64).

It kept claiming I needed administrator rights despite the fact that my account is the admin account (and only account).


Disabling the self-protection temporarily worked but even so... as stated, this is not supposed to happen.


Windows and Malwarebytes are both the most current builds as of the time of this post.

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