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malware not being detected

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I have been running the paid version of Malwarebytes for several months and generally happy at its functions.


However, today I see that Infolinks (an info panel offering alternative search results) and RTB House (adverts based on my web searches) are again inserting their content.


Why does Malwarebytes not detect this and either auto quarrantine or offer option to remove - or has Malwarebytes given in to pressure from these revenue generators for websites to leave them undetected.


I did not ask for this ad content. I do not want them. They are invasive. I do not want other people who use my computer to see adverts for products based on web searches on topics I have had to research as part of my work - I have to do pricing and availability research.


Rgds Jonathan

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or has Malwarebytes given in to pressure from these revenue generators for websites to leave them undetected.


That is certainly NOT the case !


It may be that it is a Browser Add-On in your un-named Browser that is doing the deed and it is not a file type targeted by MBAM.


I suggest that you follow the instructions below to receive free, one-on-one expert assistance in checking your system and clearing out any infections and correcting any damage done by the malware at hand.

Please see the following pinned topic which has information on how to get help with this: Available Assistance for Possibly Infected Computers

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Thanks for confirming that.


I use Firefox, latest version and all updates. I removed all intrusive add-ons and plugins last December before I took Malwarebytes, and did a clean by Spybot before I decided to use Malwarebytes instead. Spybot did see InfoLinks, but, its clean using 'remove files on re-boot' option, left me with an unbootable machine, took a day to restore.


Are you saying that Malwarebytes does not, or it is not possible to, detect what appears on a downloaded webpage. Surely it must be able to see the data traffic coming from and going to InfoLinks and RTB House.


I previously added InfoLinks to be blocked urls in my Avast AV. RTB House is a new one to me.


Thanks for suggesting the help resource, I will use that.


Rgds Jonathan

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Malwarebytes is an adjunct anti malware application.  As such it has a limited scope of targeted file types. 

As such the malicious activity that you are experiencing can be outside Malwarebytes' scope. 

I am not saying that is the case here.  I am only providing a possible scenario as to why you ere experiencing web page advertisements that are not being detected.

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Want help stopping INfoLinks (and other such 'helper' sites?


Use the extension Ghostery, or use NoScipt.  Either one will allow you to be able to selectively (on a case by case basis or globally, as you choose) select which 3rd party script-based parts fo any web page that you visit will (and conversely, will not) be allowed to run.

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Hey, this is Pamela from Infolinks. I just wanted to chime in to say that Infolinks is not a software. We haven't been downloaded onto your computer. We're an online advertising platform that appears only on websites that sign up with us. So if you're seeing our ads it's because the website you're on is an Infolinks Publisher website. As a side note, other people that use your computer wouldn't see ads that relate to your previous searches as Infolinks runs in real-time - no previous data is used for ads. If you'd like to opt out of seeing ads you can do so per website. Please keep in mind that once you opt-out, your cookies will be saved. If you clear your cookies and cache then the ads will be reset. You can opt-out by selecting the question mark on any ad and following the prompts. Hope this was helpful. Best of luck.

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