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Introducing Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 2.0!

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I'm an old member of Win 7 forums, now Win 8 where your program is VERY highly rated. I Installed new version  MBAM over existing and all went well, working GREAT. Love the new dashboard. Thanks for honoring your customers lifetime license and to all the staff at MBAM for your hard work :)

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I'm a user of the free version and I went back to 1.75. 2.0 is terrible, the scan takes more than twice as long and there is no quick scan any more. The Threat Scan is the one that takes forever. The desktop icon also goes blank after a few boots of the system. The new UI is also terrible with it's constant notices to upgrade.


I will keep using 1.75 until v2 is improved.


Hi Dch48,

Quick scan has been renamed Threat Scan (More info on scan types here). If you have "Scan for rootkits" enabled (which is a new 2.0 feature), this will add to your average scan time from v.1.75

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Hi, becknl5:


Welcome. :)


Hi me again it still showing what every way i set it its constin scaneing it says fire fox apps then my apps under my pc name


If you're having specific issues running MBAM 2.00, it would be a good idea to start a new post >>HERE<<.

Please explain the issue with a bit of detail, if possible.


Someone will more than happy to help you in a separate post in the Support section.





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Love the new Malwarebytes 2.0 version. Wish I would have had time to alpha and beta test but my time is very limited now. Teenagers!!! LoL

Thanks to everyone for the developing and making Malwarebytes the best on the market today  and thank you Marcin and Team staff. I miss being aound but I will be sure pop in from time to time. :P


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Nice job, Not thrilled about the shift to yearly subscriptions


I mean i got in under the door by a long shot with that, But it still displeases me (Does anywhere still sell lifetime licenses? I know some physical units and unused codes are out there, And they're going to be limited in stock)

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