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Introducing Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 2.0!

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Hi Folks,


I went looking for the Portable version for v 2.0 but I could not find any Portable versions any more. I like to keep them on my Thumb drive for emergencies. Any word on Portables?


Thank You for the new version!!!! :D


Best Regards,



Hello Crysta,


AFAIK there has not been een Malwarebytes supported portable version ever.

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I usually can't stand people whining and criticizing free products, but I just want to get this off my chest.

I LOVE malwarebytes, it has helped me enormously in keeping a spyware free harddisk throughout the years. 


That said, I wanted to download this for a client today I was a bit shocked by what I saw. After installing, I thought I had accidentally downloaded some spoof software like "FixMyComputerNow_Pro" or what not. Huge banners and weird colour schemes were what I saw, along with a 50% screen filling pop-up saying I had to update. I'm used to a calm, subtle look with malwarebytes but this looked a lot like one of those troll apps that have buttons with "FIX REGISTER NOW" or "CLICK HERE FOR $1000". 


I am still uncertain if it's the real thing. What happened to the blue look? Why the huge red bar saying SCAN HAS NEVER BEEN RUN and a green(?!) button saying FIX NOW >> ?


This IS malwarebytes? If so, no worries, because all I care about is a clean computer. I just don't really understand the change in visuals.


Nevertheless, I really appreciate all the effort you put into it and props to you for keeping it all up to date!
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The GUI changes are going to take some getting used too, I don't like the giant banners at all, but I can ignore those, I notice updating is WAY faster.


The biggest problem really is scan times have tripled, I went from 1 minute 30 seconds for a quick scan to 4 minutes 30 seconds.

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Just updated a few computers, some Win7 and some XP.

On all computers, I did an install upgrade right over the existing 1.75 version.

It would be nice if the upgrade path would keep the settings for automatic updates and scans. So far on all the computers I have upgraded, the time for updates and scans have been changed to random times. I prefer to keep the settings I had before.

I understand those need to be put in there to protect those that perhaps forget to schedule them, but that should be done for a fresh install, one that had no previous version of MBAM installed or for one that had nothing scheduled. For those that do have them scheduled, those should be copied over from the previous version.

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Is there a reson , after I updated from the the old Pro to the new Premium, that my license says just " Licensed"  It should say lifetime licenced to differentiate between the new 3 computer and the old Pro. Or am I being too finicky. :wacko:

At the moment your probably being to finicky... if it says Licensed then your good to go as your license from your previous version was applied.
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Thank you, MBAM, for honoring your current customer's lifetime licenses. That is huge. And very, very much appreciated.

Although I, like most other people, have a nagging sense of entitlement, I understand that you didn't have to do that - but you did.


Thank you so much for handling this move with such integrity. I hope your business model grows to be more and more of a shining example to the world.



God bless

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Hello jamjar,


Welcome to the Malwarebytes News forum.  My name is Nan and I will be helping you. 


You can simply install Malwarebytes Premium right on top of your existing Malwarebytes Pro v1.75 installation.   I did that on my computer and it worked great! 


Let us know if you have any comments or questions.


Best regards,

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Updated to Free v 2.0 from v 1.75 GUI. The look will take some getting used to, but I think we will get used to it. :)


Thanks to all of you for your hard work coming up with the latest version.


Ron - W3FSY (58 years in Ham Radio).

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I'm a user of the free version and I went back to 1.75. 2.0 is terrible, the scan takes more than twice as long and there is no quick scan any more. The Threat Scan is the one that takes forever. The desktop icon also goes blank after a few boots of the system. The new UI is also terrible with it's constant notices to upgrade.


I will keep using 1.75 until v2 is improved.

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