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1 Billion Infections

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In my opinion The Best Malware Remover In The World

I mean some people hate malware they wish it never existed but some others actually love it (like me) i dont exactly 'like it' but i love the whole scanning thing i love the whole comfy 'being protected kind of thing' if there was no such thing it would (to me) be quite boring :rolleyes:

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Congratulations to the MBAM team, your tool is absolutely invaluable and can tackle almost anything...and it's free. Over the past few months, I've probably removed 5000+ infections from various systems thanks to MBAM, many of which probably haven't been reported since I run my scans disconnected from the network. But anyway, you guys rule, here's to the next billion (I'm sure you'll reach it soon as more people learn about MB and it's awesomeness)!

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Gratulations! :rolleyes:

This is an interesting question ...

That question was answered in post #21. It was an oversight on my behalf... I apologize! ;) You can set it in the "Settings" tab to not send back any information or just disconnect the computer from the network prior to scanning but if it helps MBAM get better, I'll continue sending off scan information.

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MWB is the greatest.

Two days ago, I was working on a notebook that was infected.

I connected to Net and updated MWB to data base 2023. I then disconnected cause I had a Trojans that Not even Goggle had any reference on.

It was located in system32 dir called ldtzxus.dll

It was also being called from 3 different registry entries. But nothing I ran would get it off.

Then I reconnected to the Net and clicked on update again , this was about an hour later and update 2023 was avail. Got that, re-ran a scan and Bingo. It found all three references to this and deleted them.

I had spent several hours on this to no avail till the new update of MWB took care of it.

Thank you MWB


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Congratulations to everyone and thanks for their hard work!
And my I note with some impressiveness the great Merijn drops in to thank us.

It's not every day we get such distinguished guests. Not to take away from others mind you...I'm jus' sayin is all. :rolleyes:

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Congrats all around to the MBAM team. You have been an invaluable asset in my helping others to clean their machines. Best tool to date and has save me countless hours of doing it manually as I had started to have to do when the older tools started failing. It's just sad to me that we need software like this though.

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