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Suggestions for features in the production version of MBAE


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I hope that MBAE will be able to auto-update, in the paid-for version at least.  Timely and automatic access to protection against newly realised vulnerabilities would be a powerful motivation to purchase MBAE. Presumably the paid-for version would be named MBAE Pro?

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Thanks Pedro, Could you please clear something up as I'm not sure in my mind the designation.

Consumer Version, Company Version??

Pro Version, Free Version??

Appreciate your reply

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I would like the option to PERMANENTLY hide the MBAE Tray Icon - the "Hide the Tray Icon" setting is NOT remembered now; I have to click-to-hide it at every reboot.


Since I use Process Explorer daily, I never have any doubts as to what processes are running. I don't need an unnecessary Tray Icon cluttering the Notification Area. I DO have a desktop shortcut for MBAE, should I need any interaction with the program.


There is no reason for a Tray Icon to be displayed at every reboot for an autorun program that works in the background, requiring no user intervention - ESPECIALLY when the user doesn't want one.


I've looked for a Registry key, and for a settings .INI file, for MBAE so I can set the preference to not display the Tray Icon, and there is none.




Thank you.

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